5 Tips While Applying for a Locum Physician Job

Did you know? According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) survey, the U.S. will face a provider shortage of up to 139,000 by the year 2033. Hence, there will be a great demand for locum physician jobs.
Still, that doesn’t mean you will easily find the right position that matches your unique demands. Instead, you should think about having a strategy in place to find the right locum physician job. Hence, medical locum agencies like ProLocums have listed 5 tips to follow while applying for a locum physician job.

1. Set a job preference

Be very clear regarding where you want to go and work as a locum physician. That’s when you can figure out the type of healthcare facility you are eager to work in, the place, duration of locum assignment, fee, and other factors. Once you are clear with your preferences, start a new job search by registering medical locum agencies. It’s always better to find a medical locum agency that has a strong employer base so that you can choose the best. Getting registered on the medical locum agency website can boost your chance of getting the right opportunity that meets your demands as well as expectations.

2. Keep your CV properly structured

People always think that a curriculum vita (CV) is an alternative word for a resume, but it is completely wrong. There are major differences between a CV and a resume. Unlike a resume, you will add more details in a professional CV that always goes beyond education qualifications and professional experience. The CV should also include publications, awards, achievements, honors, and other relevant details that have the potential to boost your candidature.

Make sure to follow the below-listed tips for developing a professional CV:

o Always update your CV with your recent employment opportunities as well as affiliations. Don’t forget to add locum physician job experience if you have
o Be thorough and accountable. Include both the months and years of each affiliation without missing any single detail
o Use title headings properly and keep them bold. This will ensure a consistent flow
o Always use an easy-to-read font and do not add any style font that will be difficult to read
o Make sure to customize your curriculum vitae according to every locum physician job that you apply

Remember to include every single detail about yourself so that the employer can understand your credibility. Additionally, report every gap in education or employment without fail. By strictly following these steps, your CV will surely stand out from others.

3. Keep your documents organized

Have proper documentation of all credentials during your interview. By doing so, employers can quickly validate your work eligibility in a specific state followed by your role. This step can also increase the likelihood of getting hired. Hence, make sure to have your certifications, licenses, immunization records, educational/professional references, and all other major documents structured and easy to present.

4. Receive Licenses and Get Credentialed

Basically, the licensing and credentialing process varies in every US state. Hence, it always consumes more effort and time to get licensed and credentialed for locum tenens assignment in multiple states. To expedite the locum physician hiring process, remember to receive appropriate credentials and licenses before applying to a locum physician job opportunity in any medical locum agency.

5. Partner with a Medical Locum Tenens Agency

Consider partnering with medical locum agencies where you can quickly find multiple locum physician jobs so that you can apply and get hired. Usually, medical locum agencies offer multiple quality locum physician jobs, complete licensure support, digital credentialing, malpractice coverage, as well as full insurance coverage. Medical locum agencies like ProLocums especially offer more percentage of revenue, unlike other traditional locum agencies.

Wrapping Up

As a provider, you may usually experience issues while applying for any locum physician job while focusing on your practice. However, keep in mind to follow the above steps so that your job search will turn out to be very seamless and efficient. Get the support of qualified medical locum agencies to accelerate the hiring process and achieve the best locum role that matches your needs.