How is Quill Different From Other Styluses?

Integrating technology into the learning process of kids is increasingly becoming a choice for parents. With the world taking a technological advances in almost every sector, the creative field also sees its inception. And what could be better than being able to accurately pick colors from your surroundings and use them directly in your art? Isn’t it amazing right?
Yes, this is actually possible with the introduction of color picking stylus. There are multiple companies, claiming their product to be the best. However, it is important to know the features of the stylus pen for the touchscreen in detail.

The most asked questions regarding stylus pens are, “How to choose a stylus pen based on the features?” or “How to find out the best stylus pen in 2022?” In this article, we will be addressing both of these questions to find out the best answers.

The current design and technology market is filled with a variety of stylus pens that are compatible with multiple devices, and other interesting features like color picking, rechargeable, ink refills, etc. So now the question is, how do you pick the best stylus? Well, your search for the best stylus pens ends at the “Quill Bundle”.

The Quill Bundle And Its Features
The Quill Bundle comes with the alluring perks of a technologically advanced stylus pen, which comes with the capability to accurately capture over 16M colors. A Qube with the twin ability to be a wireless charger and an Alexa smart speaker. And the Quill App with the extraordinary potential of bringing the world of 2D & 3D designing to your fingertips.

With Quill, Qube & Quill App you get:

  • A stylus with the capacity to accurately pick more than 16 M colors
  • Intuitive and interactive pen
  • Ergonomic triangular body & grip
  • Wireless charging
  • Smart assistance and features powered by Alexa
  • Opportunity to expand your creativity & 3D designing on Quill App

Quill – The World’s Smartest Stylus

Quill is the world’s smartest color-picking stylus specifically designed for kids to enhance their creative and drawing skills. Being among one of the best stylus pens, Quill can accurately pick more than 16M colors from the real world around you. enabling the exploration of their surroundings, while at the same time interacting with their favorite colors on tablet screens in a beautifully crafted coloring book app. The most important features of Quill include but are not limited to:

  • Visual feedback with LED interaction
  • Universal capacitive stylus
  • Palm rejection/iPad stylus
  • Tilt sensitivity
  • Wireless charging with Qube
  • Haptic feedback of various modes

Created with hours of creative exploration and expression, Quill is inspired by the colors of nature and is the best companion for your creativity offering a whole new horizon of imagination. Exploring your drawing with Quill is as close and as perfect an experience as drawing on paper.

Qube – Wireless Charger and Smart Speaker

Another interesting part of the Quill Bundle is the Qube, which performs the dual action of being a wireless charger and an Alexa-powered smart speaker. With Qube, you have the flexibility to schedule assistance and reminders, use it as a speaker, and at the same time charge the stylus pen for the touchscreen.

Quill is an elegantly designed device with:

  • Wireless charging docking point
  • Microphone
  • Volume control
  • LED
  • Mute button and
  • Setup button

The Quill App – Advanced Interface For 2D & 3D Designing

The Quill App is a compelling platform that allows your kid to experiment with creativity with picked colors and 2D & 3D elements in an intuitive interface. The Quill App comes with a Whiteboard with extensive tools for unlimited flexibility withdrawing and bringing your imagination to life.

One of the most interesting features of The Quill App is that it makes it possible for the artist to pick live elements from the surroundings and make them a part of your drawing. Your kid can also add 3D elements by choosing from across 20 categories offered in the 3D object library. Along with the other interesting features, one of the most extensive features that not only enhances your child’s creativity but also social skills is the Connect feature. This feature helps your child to invite friends to collaborate and create the art together with built-in chat functions. The app also offers a personal schedule assistant that helps your child to stay on track with creations and drawing without having to compromise on other important tasks.

The Quill Bundle is a kind of product launching soon and can be the perfect gift for your child this holiday season. Visit our site to know more about one of the best stylus pens for touchscreen and book your order.