The Importance of Renewing Physician License

Medicine in the United States is a licensed profession governed by individual states. The licensing of physicians is one of the most important functions of the nation’s state medical boards. State medical boards use licensing to ensure that all practicing physicians have received appropriate education and training and that they adhere to recognized standards of professional conduct while serving their patients.

One thing is universal for all physicians: in order to legally practice medicine, all medical professionals must keep their medical licenses up to date. The various licensing requirements for physicians may differ between states’ licensing boards, but every medical doctor must follow those rules. To remain in good standing, every state medical board requires all licensed medical professionals to follow certain guidelines and principles.

One of the most important things a medical professional should remember is to always have their physician license renewed. It is highly mandatory that you keep your medical license up to date. If you do not renew your license, you will be unable to provide medical care to those in need. Not to mention that you may be subject to disciplinary action. It is illegal to practice medicine without a medical license, and doing so can result in a costly fine.

What are the considerations for renewing a physician’s license?

When it comes to renewing a physician’s license, keep in mind that each state handles them differently. It can be difficult for busy physicians to keep track of each state’s unique renewal deadlines, requirements, and processes. To plan for each renewal, you must first understand how long a particular medical license is valid. Medical licenses are typically valid for two to three years, depending on the state. Most state medical boards typically require the following to renew a medical license:

  • Evidence that you have completed the required CMEs
  • Insurance documentation
  • Your most recent curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Your recent photograph
  • A criminal background check and confirmation that you are not currently using Illegal substances or suffering from any mental disorders are required
  • Payment for the renewal of your respective state or multi-state medical license

Although these requirements may appear straightforward, many states have renewal processes that are nearly identical to initial licensure application processes. Medical license renewals can be difficult, and keeping track of the necessary paperwork to submit with your renewal application is frequently easier said than done.

What are the reasons for avoiding a medical license from getting expired?

Failure to keep track of your medical license renewals can have disastrous consequences. Physicians whose licenses have lapsed must go through a rigorous reinstatement process and pay reinstatement fees or past-due renewal fees. If you have not actively practiced medicine in a long time, a physician assessment program and/or clinical skills assessment program may be required to ensure post-licensure competency. Physicians who are unaware of their licensure lapse and continue to practice face significant liability. Rather than jeopardize your livelihood, your patient’s health, and your own liability, it is best to do whatever it takes to keep track of your medical license renewals.

You must keep your medical license up to date. If you miss renewing your physician license, you will be subject to disciplinary action. It is illegal to practice medicine without renewing your license, and being caught doing so can be costly.

How can you keep track of your physician license? Is there any automated solution?

It might be difficult to manage your license renewals manually as you’re busy with patient care delivery. So, why not consider an automated physician license tracker like Credidocs? Having this automated solution in place will track your medical licenses 24/7 and deliver notifications in case of upcoming renewal dates if any. As all your licenses are stored in one real-time location, you don’t have to be worried about the expiration of any of your medical licenses.

Not only for you, but your care facility can also enjoy the benefits of maintaining an automated physician license tracker like Credidocs.

So, think about investing in a credentialing and licensing management platform like Credidocs so that you can focus on your other priorities – delivering patient care on time, every time.