All You Need To Know About Cupcakes

All You Need To Know About Cupcakes

Everyone has their preference when it comes to desserts. In a world full of cakes, barfi, mithai, chocolates and other sweet items- cupcakes are the most loved and admired dessert of all time. These small-sized cakes are a blast of surprises, it brings happiness and joy to people. The majority of people would indisputably agree that cupcakes are better than cakes. You can always bring cupcakes to a party, that too of different and unique flavours. For people who have a sweet tooth, cupcakes are a blessing for them. It’s easy to carry, cut and eat because of its small and cute size. Kids love cupcakes, adults enjoy it and even pets can have their own without sugar, customised cupcakes which they admire the most. You can always order cake online and now cupcakes are also easily available at every bakery.

Whipped offers a wide range of cupcakes, each of them covered with pretty and beautiful frosting. Cupcakes are made with almost the same ingredients as cakes. One thing that sets cupcakes apart is their cute size, the elegant frosting they are decorated with and their amazing taste. Some of our most popular cupcakes are-

Best Cupcakes From Whipped

  1. Red velvet cupcakes- The most popular and amazingly delicious cupcake, red velvet is one of the best cupcakes and an all-time favourite dessert. The creamy taste of this cupcake sets it apart from other cupcakes. Also, when it comes to cupcakes- you don’t have to share it like a cake. You can have the whole cupcake with the beautiful frosting, without sharing. Order cake online or mini cupcakes from Whipped now, get it delivered on the same day.
  2. Oreo mini cupcakes- We all know that oreos are the favourite biscuits of children and even adults. This one is the most loved cupcake because of its filling and frosting. It is rich with oreos and is immensely creamy and tasty. It will melt in your mouth and that cookies, choco-chips and frosting is nearly too good to be true.
  3. Chocolate mini cupcake- Well, who doesn’t love chocolates? Whipped chocolate mini cupcake is the best chocolate cupcake, topped with smooth and delicious chocolaty frosting. Our cupcakes are soft, bursting with super moist and rich chocolate and cocoa flavour. Order you favourite cupcake from Whipped and get it on the same day.

Celebrate your special day with your loved ones, friends and family by playing exciting games and ordering amazing cakes, cupcakes and desserts from Whipped. Cupcakes go long back to 18th century, they have been famous and popular since then. Cupcakes are easy and fun to eat. Owing to their small sizes, these beautiful cupcakes can be experimented with a blend of different flavours like- blueberry, chocolate, fruity, oreo and many more. You can always add your favourite frosting as per your taste. An easy way to brighten up anyone’s day- these little bundle of joys are preferred more over any other dessert.

Whipped best bakeries in Delhi-NCR

Whipped is one of the best bakeries in Delhi-NCR delivering amazing cakes online with a wide range of flavours and unique frosting. We have been consistently trying to add more value to our desserts so that our customers are happy and satisfied. We have a huge variety of cakes, cupcakes, jar cakes and other desserts. You can always order online cake from our bakery and enjoy it while sitting at home. We deliver cake online on the same day at our customer’s convenience. You can always add some customisation or personalise it according to your requirements. Visit our website for more details.