A look into the role of health insurance and why you should get one today

It is no secret that modern-day medical healthcare in India is scarily expensive, and one minor visit to the emergency ward is enough to erase months of savings in one go. In recent years, a multitude of factors have together turned medical inflation into a dark reality, and this is a pressing issue that’s bothering the common folk like nothing else. Sounds pretty gruesome and negative, right? Well, there is something that can shield us effectively against this raucous devil called medical inflation, and that’s health insurance.

In this day and age, several companies out there are providing health insurance, and modern-day online platforms have made comparing and weighing them that much easier. Here, we will be taking a look at the meaning of such insurance, and the top reasons why you should invest in getting good health insurance coverage for yourself and your family.

What is health insurance?

To put it simply, health insurance is a contract created between the insuring company and the policyholder. This contract stipulates that the insurer would cover the medical expenses borne by the policyholder up to the sum insured level. For instance, if your medical or hospitalisation bill amounts to INR 4 lakh, and you happen to have medical insurance covering up to INR 5 lakh, the insurer would cover the entire bill. Besides this, there are several advantages that a health insurance policy offers.

Benefits of health insurance

Now that you have gained a fair enough understanding of what such insurances stand for let us take a brief look at some of the reasons why you should opt for one today.

  • Helps conquer medical inflation effectively: As aforementioned, medical costs are rising at breakneck speeds, one of the main factors why you should go for health insurance is because it would pay for the expenses incurred, thereby relieving you greatly of the financial hardships that you’d otherwise have faced. Moreover, a health insurance policy covers pre and post-hospitalisation expenses as well.
  • Tackle lifestyle diseases: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our modern lifestyles are pretty unhealthy and may have a detrimental effect on our bodies in the long term. Certain lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and cancer can affect us for an extended period. When faced with such a debacle, we can rely on the insurance policy to pick up the slack and defend ourselves against the financial costs incurred regularly.
  • Cashless benefits: In this day and age, several leading health insurance companies have tied up with reputed hospitals and healthcare providers, and if you get such policies, you can avail of cashless hospital treatment benefits as well. The insurance company will take care of the bills that you will incur, so you can visit the hospitals without having to worry about carrying cash on hand.

Final take

A health insurance policy in India can prove to be a lifesaver during dire medical situations. They are designed to cover you financially, and that’s something that can go a long way in ensuring that you receive the best medical care there is. Nowadays, several online platforms help you compare the policies offered by the different companies out there. This would certainly help you select one that fits your bill in the best possible manner. So get the best health cover for you and your family today.