Why Using Moisturiser Is Important For Oily Skin?

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If you have oily skin, your first instinct would be to remove the excess oil for achieving squeaky-clean skin. Also, you do not have the urge to apply moisturiser as you think your already oily skin would be excessive by doing so, right?

But that’s not exactly true. The well-renowned fact is that oily skin does require moisturisation. If you struggle with immoderate oiliness, this write-up will help you understand why using moisturiser is important and how natural face cream for oily skin can help you make it healthy and well-balanced.

What causes oily skin?

Oily skin usually arises due to the over-production of sebum by the oil glands of the skin. Sebum plays an important role in keeping the skin barrier hydrated and protected. But the skin appears oily, shiny and greasy when sebum is overproduced.

Excess sebum is produced because of different factors such as improper skin care, stress, pollution, poor diet and hormonal shifts. These disturb the integrity of the skin and make it lose its moisture. Therefore, you need the right moisturiser to restore the balance of your sebum levels and keep oiliness at bay.

Moisturisers for oily skins

The moisturising needs of oily skin are complicated as you will need to find just the right amount of hydration for keeping your skin well-balanced. Too little water in your moisturiser can leave your skin dehydrated, whereas, too much can make your skin greasy and blemish-prone. Therefore, you need to be very careful while choosing moisturisers for your oily skin. Below-mentioned is a quick guide on what type of moisturisers to avoid and what to go for.

What you should avoid?

  • Oil-based moisturisers, that include products containing petrolatum, mineral oil or petroleum
  • Creams and lotions that are heavy on the skin

What you should get?

  • Non-comedogenic moisturisers
  • Moisturisers containing a water-based gel formula

How should you moisturise your skin?

Oily skin can be challenging to take care of but there are certain tricks and practices to moisturise it properly and get balanced, acne-free skin.

● Using a gentle cleanser

The initial step of your skincare routine is to wash off makeup residue and excess oil and dirt from your face. It is best to do the process with a gentle cleanser for avoiding over-cleansing. Even with a lenient cleanser, overdoing can disturb the pH balance of your skin by stripping its natural oils.

● Use a natural hydrating mask once a week

You can apply a hydrating gel face mask once or twice a week for an extra hydration boost, preferably before sleep. Leave it on for around 20 minutes. Then work it into the skin using your fingertips.

● Clean makeup brushes and sponges frequently

Makeup tools such as brushes and sponges accumulate pore-clogging dirt, so you must clean them regularly. This can be done by running them over lukewarm water. Then by using a natural cleanser, firmly massage them clean using your hand and rinse the dirt off. Make sure that you do this until there is no makeup residue left on your brushes and sponges.

● Drink enough water and maintain a well-balanced diet

An unhealthy diet can produce toxins in your body. When adding dehydration to the mix, you will end up having bad skin as these factors develop the perfect environment for acne to flourish. Enough consumption of water helps keep you hydrated and flush out toxins. This is the reason, why it’s important to drink surplus amounts of water and eat nutritiously to help your body sustain healthy skin.

The bottom line

Maintaining your oily skin can be a bit tricky, but by paying particular attention to the skincare products that you are using, you can achieve healthy, non-greasy skin.

Not all moisturisers are the same, as different moisturisers work best for certain skin types. If you believe that skin oiliness is your main skin issue, it is a must that you add the right moisturiser to your routine. A non-comedogenic and lightweight product will be the best moisturiser for oily skin types. You should also make sure to get products formulated particularly for oily skin.

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