What is the role of yoga in preventing lifestyle diseases?

role of yoga

With the hope of carrying on a happier life, we all are moving towards a healthier version of ourselves at our own pace. Although, amongst the clutter of all sorts of exercises, we are neglecting our own heritage which, in fact, has reached the world. Yoga, which originated in India almost 5000 years ago is almost always overlooked by us and is evidently benefitting millions of people across the globe.

Is this making you wonder how some boring moves and postures can improve and maintain our health? Look no further, as here we are discussing how yoga helps in preventing lifestyle diseases.

What are lifestyle diseases?

Not all of us are familiar with the term ‘Lifestyle disease’. The most straightforward description of this term would be, a disease that is caused because of health-damaging choices that we make in our everyday life.

Approximately 14.2 million people worldwide, between the age of 30 to 70 die each year due to Lifestyle diseases. Cardio-vascular diseases, sleep -disorders, diabetes, stress obesity, metabolic syndrome, chronic obstructive pulmonary, and some forms of cancers can be marked under the section of Lifestyle diseases.

These diseases are known as Lifestyle diseases as they are caused by the way people live their life. The major risk factors include prolonged exposure to three modifiable lifestyle behaviors – smoking, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity.

How Yoga helps in preventing lifestyle diseases?

Lifestyle diseases can be prevented through the regular practice of Yoga. It is one of the best means to acquire freedom from all forms of bondage. Even medical researchers have concluded that yoga can deliver many mental and physical benefits. Some of the significant benefits of Yoga in preventing Lifestyle diseases are mentioned below.

  • Yoga helps the nervous and skeletal systems to be healthy and function smoothly.
  • Yoga helps in improving posture and keeps neck and lower back pain at bay, which occurs when you work for hours sitting at the work desk.
  • Yoga helps in building muscle strength, hence preventing frequent straining of the muscles.
  • Yoga develops a regular routine that leads to a more disciplined sleeping pattern. You enjoy a more relaxed and deeper sleep when yoga helps in reducing your stress and anxiety.
  • Yoga helps in the prevention of various types of diseases such as diabetes, asthma, back pain, respiratory diseases, obesity, and hypertension.
  • Yoga helps in reducing stress and depression.
  • Yoga can be helpful in the menstruation triad in women athletes.
  • Yoga helps in correlating body and mind, making human life healthy and tension-free.

Wrapping Up

Being a complete mind-body workout, Yoga combines meditation and deep breathing exercises with strengthening and stretching asanas. However, there are several high-quality medicines for treating almost all diseases, one can practice Yoga as a preventive measure against the development of countless medical conditions. It is a completely natural form of mind-body exercise and offers many benefits for the prevention of Lifestyle diseases.