Types of keys for doors: Which is the safest?

keys for door

Security is something that most of us worry about, especially if we live in a big city. To make sure your property is as secure as possible, you’ll want to invest in items that increase protection in the event of a break-in attempt. When considering the option of investing in security, the first thing you will surely think about is installing an alarm. But what about the door? What if they bump me to enter? That is where the issue of choosing the type of lock and keys for doors comes into play.

Most common techniques to pick a lock

To choose the best way to protect the entrance of your home or business from thieves, it is important that you know which are the most used techniques to pick locks. This way you will choose with criteria the type of key that is best for you to have.

  • Bumping method: It is one of the most used to open doors. It consists of using a key that does not have notches giving a series of blows until the turn of the lock is released. For these cases, there are anti-bumping locks.
  • Picks: Tools that are combined with a pressure key, are another of the most used methods to force a lock. As in the previous case, you can install high-quality locks that do not open with this tool.
  • Magnets: If you are one of those who leaves the key inside, it is a danger especially for you. Thieves can place a powerful one from outside to attract the key, make it turn and open the door.
  • Use your own key: Leaving the key under a mat, pot, etc., is something you should avoid. Thieves can even copy your key by inserting a sheet on which the notches of the lock are marked.
  • For most of these cases, the best option you have is to buy an anti-bumping or electronic lock because they are safer for these cases.

Since most robberies happen on the spur of the moment, assailants are likely to take the quickest approach: break the bowler hat. To prevent this from happening, you can install an anti-breakage lock, which incorporates a system that automatically locks the door. Knowing what are the most common techniques used by criminals to try to open a door, we are going to explain what are the safest types of keys for doors, as well as some security tips in this regard.

Types of keys for doors

Keys are one of the most important objects in our daily routine. Forgetting them at home or losing them anywhere can cause us problems. We need them to enter and leave our home, our office or to take the car. In terms of security, they are an element that can protect us or make us completely , depending on how safe they are and how careful we are with them. These are the most common types of keys for doors. Metal object, with a square or round head, a hole to insert them into a key ring and a series of notches. They are the best known and used, but especially vulnerable to bumping, or the use of picks.

  • Old key: the classic cylinder-shaped key that ends with one or more teeth that fit the lock. They are currently known as mortise keys and are manufactured not to open main doors but bars or exterior doors. They are not particularly safe.
  • Magnetic key: this is the typical hotel key, also used in professional environments. The opening code can be modified as many times as you want, so they are very secure. They are very expensive and that is why people do not usually use them.
  • Anti-bumping key: anti-bumping locks are a great option to protect your home. Its cost is accessible and it protects you from the most common theft techniques.
  • Key with remote control: if you have a parking space, you probably have this type of key. The most important thing in this case is to check the battery of the device, since if it runs out you will not have the option to open the door.
  • Master key: its purpose is to open several different doors at the same time. These keys are common in neighborhood communities where there are several common areas.
  • Security key: this is used to open armored doors, and they are characterized by notches on both edges.

What is the safest type of key?

Specifically, it is not known which is the best type of key. This answer varies depending on your needs. However, we can give you some indications about the advantages and disadvantages of some of them. Old and traditional keys are especially, as we have already discussed. If you use classic keys in your house and you don’t want to change the lock (although it would be recommended), the most important thing is never to leave them hidden outside the house.