Kumon for early learners

Your toddler is developing new skills every day while growing up. With abundant curiosity, they are successfully constructing complete phrases from single words. While most kids are eager to start school like the big kids, the transition to kindergarten is not always so smooth. A recent study showed about 20 per cent of children in kindergarten lagged behind in cognitive development and 31 per cent in emotional and social development. This is the reason, why early learning is compulsory and beneficial in today’s time. On the other hand, advancing your toddler to become an early learner can be both a challenge as well as an opportunity.

Fortunately, the Kumon Math and English Learning Centre enrol kids as young as three years old and can help prepare your child for kindergarten. The early learning curriculum of Kumon helps preschoolers develop essential academic and life skills such as the ability to work independently, identify sounds and letters and strengthen fine motor skills.

Important skills for preschoolers to learn before they hit school

Kindergarten indicates a big transition in the lives of children. By the time they start school, many kids already exhibit a wide range of skills, knowledge and school-readiness behaviours. This is why it’s good to be proactive with school-readiness skills for preschoolers. The skills listed below are considered to be important for preschoolers to learn before they hit kindergarten or school.

  • Paying attention in the classroom
  • Able to learn independently
  • Able to complete tasks
  • Organise own belongings
  • Able to adapt easily to any change
  • Show eagerness in learning new things
  • Follow the rules of the classroom

Most early education programs and preschools guide kids to follow the above-mentioned rules. It will also guide them to be flexible to new routines and be passionate about learning new things. Kumon does even more by enabling preschoolers to be prepared for kindergarten. Kumon provides children with an academic advantage due to the focus on enhancing attentiveness, fostering independent learning, strengthening perseverance when completing tasks and promoting organisational skills.

Top benefits of Kumon for early learners

Kumon helps in establishing a strong foundation among early learners which helps foster curiosity and excitement towards learning and soar once they begin school. There are several benefits of Kumon for early learning kids and the top three are mentioned and discussed below.

● Fostering a positive attitude towards learning

Kids are naturally curious and frequently question the world around them. For most of the children enrolled in Kumon’s early learning centre, it is their first introduction to an academic setting. The engaging curriculum allows kids to experience the feeling of success as they progress. They develop confidence that leads to a love of learning. Repeating words such as “bat” or “car” develops their interest in reading and counting pictures of apples makes them fond of Maths. A “can do” attitude emerges among the toddlers enrolled in Kumon.

● Instil a strong academic foundation.

Kumon helps in developing a solid foundation among kids by teaching them to follow classroom rules, which they need to flourish during their Kindergarten and K12. They also teach children to be flexible to new routines and be enthusiastic about learning. The instructors help them learn important study skills such as following directions and developing self-learning concepts. Kumon does this by demonstrating exercises on the worksheets and then having students repeat the process.

● Exceed classroom expectations by developing fine motor skills.

Before kids can learn how to write letters and numbers, a proper pencil grip and a certain level of fine motor skills are required. In Kumon’s early learning levels, students learn how to use a pencil along with developing skills through the practice of scribbling and drawing lines, curves and angles in a fun, colourful and engaging way. The aim is not to draw perfectly within the lines but instead to have fun learning to hold and use a pencil.

About Kumon

Kumon is among the best after-school programs in India that unlock the potential of children, so they can achieve more on their own. Being a comprehensive program, Kumon serves students in preschool through high school.

Originating in Japan, the Kumon learning method uses an individualised approach that helps students develop a solid command of math and reading skills. This unique method includes advanced learning materials. With the help of daily practice and mastery of materials, kids increase confidence, improve concentration and develop enhanced study skills.