How to Remove a Broken Key From a Lock

remove a Brocken key

Do you want to know how to remove a broken key from a lock? then surely one of your doors has this problem. As well, you may just be curious about the subject. In order to be prepared, in case you come to experience a situation like this.

Whatever the reason for which you want to acquire this knowledge. There you will find the best explanation to execute effective solutions. With tools that you can have at home. What we will teach you in this publication will be 4 infallible methods so that you can resolve this incident on your own, without losing your mind.

Step by step we show you how to remove a broken key from a lock

To remove a broken key from a lock, you need to be patient and calm to understand each of the instructions that we will explain below. Here you will realize that you do not need to have any special skills to be able to carry out. These solutions that we will offer you.

For this reason, we invite you to carefully read each of the methods that we will present. So that you can determine which one best suits the problem that your door may be presenting.

With fine-tipped scissors:

You may wonder how to remove a broken key with fine-tipped scissors? Our explanation will answer your question, because even if it seems hard to believe. Using a tool like this can help you solve this problem.

In order to apply this method, what you must do is introduce one of the tips of the scissors on one side of the bolt, pressing the piece of key that remained inside. To push it out little by little. This procedure will be much more effective with those cases of broken keys, whose part on the inside sticks out at least a little.

Use a drill:

If with the previous method you could not get the broken key out of the bowler. Then you should try this other technique that we will show you in a simple way.

What you should do is find an ordinary drill, a pair of fine-tipped scissors, and a 1.5mm drill bit. With all these elements, what you will do is drill the bit of the key. That peeks out of the lock with the bit. With the intention of creating a small hole. After you’ve done this. What you’re going to do is use the fine-tipped scissors to pry the key piece out of the way.

With oil and a clip:

In case you do not have a drill within your reach to remove a broken key from the bowler, you should give another method the opportunity. For this option you have to look for spray oil and a clip; With this, what you will do is add oil to the lock, and then with a clip or small tweezers, try to remove the key from the hole.

In order for this technique to have a better chance of being successful, we recommend that you fully stretch the clip and, with the help of pliers, bend one of the ends of the clip at 90°. In this way, you will have a tool with a kind of nail to be able to pull the piece of key that remained inside the lock.

With a magnet:

If all the above options didn’t work then it’s time to try the last option. This consists of taking a magnet with great power to place it right in front of. The lock and letting the key be attracted by the magnet practically alone. This technique will be very useful if the piece of key that was left inside has not been deformed too much. In any case. Even if we do not know the state of the key piece that has gotten stuck, we do not lose anything by trying to apply this method.

The next time you wonder how to get a broken key out of a lock, you should remember all these techniques that we teach you in this publication. Remember that an excellent way to avoid this type of accident is to install quality locks on each door; Well. Although none is exempt from these flaws, the truth is that the locking mechanisms manufactured by the most important companies in the world are made of very resistant materials and have modern technologies. That extend the useful life of these security systems.