How are locks installed?


How are locks installed? The process of installing a lock:

Holes are drilled for fastenings and a through hole for connecting the body of the device and the mechanism for reading. The lock body is installed in the designated gap. A striker plate is attached to secure the crossbars. For this, markings are also made on the door jamb (depending on the level of the lock). Holes are drilled for the striker plate, it is fixed in a prepared place. The final stage is the placement of the reader (preferably on the entrance side as close to the castle as possible). A specialized box for placing wires is being prepared. From above, everything is closed with a bar in the same way locks are installed. The lock should be tested before use.

Features of operation

Electronic locks are in high demand due to their simple operation. There are a few things to keep in mind when using them:

  • periodically change the password, as well as when creating it, use non-repeating characters (if possible, a combination of letters and numbers);
  • do not use personal data as a password (dates of birth, significant events, names of relatives, etc.);
  • do not write down passwords on paper and do not name / do not enter them in front of strangers;
  • do not leave electronic keys unattended in places where they can be noticed / stolen by other people.

using electronic locks

The electronic lock on the front door has the following advantages:

  • the possibility of installation with your own hands;
  • ensuring high reliability and protection against penetration – cracking an electronic lock is not easy even for an experienced thief, and it is almost impossible to find the right code, electronic master keys also do not work on it;
  • the ability to install at any place on the door leaf;
  • several ways to open / close the lock – a plastic card, a digital contact key fob, a remote control;
  • the ability to open and close the door using a Smartphone.

Also, among the advantages of electronic locks. One can single out their popularity and a wide variety of models on the market. However, such models of locks have their drawbacks. For example, the impossibility of opening the structure if it breaks down (in most cases, you have to completely change the lock). As well as limited access to the room in the absence of mains voltage. And the difficulty in making a new key if the old one breaks or is lost. locks installed

Electronic keys for doors are programmed by the master during the installation of the door (each lock has its own individual key). So it is impossible to measure the data or install them yourself.

Is it safe to use such a lock

An electronic door lock belongs to the category of the most reliable, since it does not use a regular key to open it, which is not a problem to lose or steal. The door cannot be unlocked using an electronic master key. But only a specialist in this field can completely disassemble it with special equipment. Most thieves bypass doors with electronic locks, as learning how to open them is a real problem.

For example, a combined type lock consists of a chain of elements: if an unsuccessful attempt to open the first lock is made, the rest will automatically be blocked, since they work in a single system. If you try to break the door, the owner of the lock will receive a notification on his Smartphone.