Working out at home? Here’s what you should avoid

The result of living a fast and furious life to meet the challenges of the 21st Century can be easily seen with just a glance at a person. In the pursuit of managing time for work and play, we often push the targets of our fitness goals. Before we know, next week has turned into next month and suddenly, we find ourselves repeating the same-old resolution of ‘getting fit’.

In such a scenario, it’s better to set-up a home gym so that one can move towards their fitness goals, one step at a time. A home gym allows you to workout anytime you want. You will be motivated when you will look at those dumb-bells and other gym equipment, lying in your dressing room. But, to ensure that it does more good than harm, you have to avoid these following mistakes.

Ignoring the pain

A lot of people have admitted to ignoring the pain and carrying on with their workout. When asked, they stated that if they didn’t workout for one day, they would again start procrastinating and falling in the vicious circle of “from next Monday.” While the emotion can be understood, it is something that one should not do as it will lead to a serious injury, which might even mean, no more lifting or heavy workouts. Now, where’s the fun in that?

Improper Form

Doing an exercise wrongly is even worse than no workout. One needs to maintain a proper form of their body while lifting or moving to get the desired result. Moreover, it increases the risk of getting seriously injured. You can either learn about the right posture while doing a workout by browsing through videos and article on the web or get a fitness app. Start with a basic 6-week plan like this and gradually increase your level.

Setting over-the-top expectations

Staying fit is a journey. You will reach your destination gradually. Do not set goals that are too unrealistic as it not only demotivates, but again puts you at risk. Be smart with your approach and take down your goals, slowly and steadily.

Not getting the right equipment

People often don’t research thoroughly while purchasing the gym equipment. Even though their budget is low, there are certain basic fitness equipment that one must have which includes dumb-bells, curling rods, kettle bells, resistance bands, fitness balls and jump ropes. These will help you in shaping up the muscles right and getting started with one’s fitness goals before they take it to the pro-level.

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