Why Choose Belden Security and Alarm Cables?

If you’re reworking your security system, it can be hard to know which cables are best to ensure your system works seamlessly. When it comes to security, failure is simply not an option; therefore, it is important to understand your options. This article is devoted to understanding the reasons to choose Belden security and alarm cables as an option for your security system.

1. Belden Has a Legacy of Excellence

Belden Corporation was founded in 1902 by Joseph C. Belden in Chicago. The company was met with early success because of its research into experimental cables and insulations, which produced a flexible enamel insulation known as “Beldenamel.” They continued to play the cutting edge going into the mid-1900s, helping to popularize rubber insulated wire and inventing the soft rubber plug, which was touted as “unbreakable.” During the Second World War, Belden temporarily paused its development of wires for industrial and residential use, instead loaning their factories to the war effort for the design and construction of electrical systems for submarines, radios, and aircraft.

Following the war, Belden Corporation returned to what it previously did best: developing innovations for the electrical trades. They pioneered plastic insulation and developed new techniques for protecting cables. In 1980, Belden merged with electrical product giant Crouse-Hinds Company, which would be their only major merger until 2004, when they merged with another company with a considerable legacy: CDT (Cable Design Technologies) Corporation.

Throughout the 2000s and 2010s, Belden made a flurry of successful acquisitions culminating with their absorption of Tripwire, a cybersecurity services provider and developer of cybersecurity technology.

With such a storied legacy, you can have the peace of mind that each order of Belden security and alarm cables you place will come backed with over 100 years of experience and innovation.

2. Belden Is Environmentally Conscious and Ethical

As a company that has always looked forward, Belden has made a commitment to the betterment of our planet’s environment. Not only do they aim to develop and continually offer LEED certified products, but they also have committed to ensuring maximized recyclability for their products. Their manufacturing rules push for greater and greater conservation of resources.

Additionally, Belden has committed to actively pursue to uphold human rights standards throughout all levels of their operation, including in the communities they work in and in the companies they partner with.

3. Belden’s Resources Are Expansive

As one of the foremost electrical product developers and manufacturers in the world, Belden products come with an incredible amount of resources to back them up. From knowledgeable service agents to extensive documentation for each product, choosing a Belden product means that you’ll never find yourself at a loss for resources. Belden publishes materials in multiple media formats, including useful videos that are accessible for free online. Additionally, for larger products Belden offers network certification consultations in which highly-trained experts will help design, verify, and implement your network.

4. Incredible Warranties

Belden does not offer short-term warranties as a matter of principle. Instead, Belden’s warranties are 25-year guarantees of functionality at the minimum, and lifetime warranties at the maximum. The peace of mind, savings, and assurance of functionality that comes with Belden products is nearly unmatched in the industry.

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