Which Door Lock is the Most Reliable: Expert Assessment

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Are you finishing renovations in your new apartment and planning to install a high-quality entrance door? Or decided to strengthen the security of the current housing? In this case, you just need to know which lock is the most reliable and how to choose it. door lock

A reliable door lock is a complex high-quality mechanism, the use of which provides effective protection against unauthorized entry of unauthorized persons into your house or apartment. Given the wide range of entrance locks presented on the shelves of modern stores, you need to understand the principles of the right choice, focusing on the characteristics of the design. Below is a list of TOP entrance locks that are popular.

How to choose a reliable door lock?

The reliable lock differs in the mechanism with protection against opening by means of master keys and other special tools. Additional characteristics: resistance to failures, ease of operation, availability of protective special equipment.

Choosing a reliable lock for entrance doors – classification

When choosing the most reliable locks for the front door, experts recommend focusing on the type of execution, security class and installation features. It is also important to consider additional characteristics. There are several factors that determine the reliability of the locking mechanism. We will talk about them in more detail below.


There is the following classification:

  • 1st class (primitive design, which can be hacked without a special tool);
  • 2nd class (according to average estimates, it takes 15 to 20 minutes to open a lock without a key);
  • 3rd class (expert reviews: professional tools and at least 20 minutes of time are needed to break the lock);
  • 4th class (to open the model, you need to use specialized equipment plus the involvement of an experienced craftsman).

According to experts, the use of several locks of various types will create an additional barrier to intruders.


There are several criteria by which entrance locks are classified. Among the popular parameters for the right choice are:

  • the direction of opening the door (depending on the location of the mechanism);
  • material of manufacture (metal, plastic, wood, combined options);
  • type of door leaf (material, thickness, design features are taken into account);
  • additional features.

The best and relatively expensive are models with built-in anti-burglary protection.


On the market, you can find these types of locks.

  • The model excludes the introduction of protection against hacking, which reduces the reliability class. Padlocks are used for storage or industrial premises.
  • The disadvantage is a low degree of reliability, rough execution. Advantages: installation of the system eliminates the violation of the integrity of the door leaf.
  • Provides effective protection through concealed installation. Plus: installation features allow you to hide defects, while maintaining the attractiveness of the door leaf.


Depending on the type of locking mechanism, locks are divided into:

  • crossbar (open in a straight line, a massive key is included);
  • electronic (to open the lock, you need to enter a combination of letters and numbers);
  • lever (durable mechanism plus reliable protection against hacking);
  • cylinder (simple operation along with a high degree of reliability).

Which door lock is the hardest to pick?

Which locks are distinguished by the highest degree of security:

  • The most reliable and high-quality are magnetic locks. Which are equipped with unique moving elements. So, the magnetic core and the plates fit tightly into each other, which greatly enhances the security of the room.
  • Also, according to experts, smart lock is a good option – this is an electronic lock that opens and closes thanks to wireless interaction with the owner’s smart phone.
  • Combined locking mechanisms also show an exemplary degree of reliability.

Which company door lock is better and more reliable for the front door?

Which castle to choose? Given the extensive range of models presented. It is worth getting acquainted with the rating of popular manufacturers.

When choosing a lock, experts recommend focusing on the reliability class, design features and the presence of protection against burglary. In the online store you can choose and buy some of the most reliable locks, our consultants will always help you make a choice.