What exactly is Cloud Computing?

The term cloud computing refers to a technological conception and a business model that brings together ideas as diverse as the storage of information, communications between computers, the provision of services or application development methodologies, all this under the same concept: everything happens in the cloud.

Trying to engage all these issues with a view to defining what about cloud computing, perhaps we should pause for a moment and define the concept of cloud or, to be more exact, of the internet. Internet, defined in a way that is deliberately simple, is a set of computers, distributed by the world and united by a dense mesh of communications that offers space of information to everyone who has access. The right to use, to the data that we give the computers that build up the Internet is “Visible”, i.e. it is not relevant to the user the place in which is physically hosted the information. That is why the Internet is represented in a universal manner, as a cloud which can be accessed in search of information and services.

Not everything that happens on the Internet is cloud computing; The Internet is a universe that basically, offers two things: publication of information and supply of services.

Various Types of Cloud Computing:

  • Private- Resources has dedicated to the single customer
  • Public- Data shared by all the customers
  • Hybrid- Customized combination of shared and dedicated resources
  • Community- Resources particularly dedicated for group of customers.

Discover all the advantages of Cloud Computing and its certification:

In below topics you can find more information about the benefits of this technology and it’s Cloud Computing Training.

  1. It expenses minors

You do not need a computer of high power and high price to process web-based applications that are in the cloud. Since the applications are running in the cloud and not on your desktop computer, the desktop computer does not need the processing power or hard disk space required by the traditional desktop software. When you are using web-based applications, your computer may be less costly, with a hard disk drive smaller, less memory and processor. In fact, a computer in this scenario may not even need a CD or DVD, since there are no programs that have to be installed and the data or documents do not need to be saved on the hard disk.

  1. Improvement of the performance

With a smaller number of programs hogging the memory of your computer, you will see a better performance of your computer. In a few words, the computers that use the cloud applications will run faster because they have fewer programs and processes loaded in memory.

  1. Reduced costs of software

Instead of buying expensive software applications, you can get almost everything you need for free or at very low costs. It is, the majority of cloud computing applications today, or is completely free or has very low costs. Which is better to pay the costs of licensing of any of the well-known “office suite” or the purchase of software or acquisition of licenses.

  1. Software updates are snapshots

Another of the advantages of the software in the cloud is that you are no longer faced with the choice between outdated software and the high costs of update. When the application is based on the web, the updates from the point of view of the user are automatic and simply will be available the next time you start your meeting in the cloud. When you access a web-based application, it’s always the latest version without the need to pay or download and install updates.

  1. Almost unlimited storage capability

Cloud computing offers a virtually unlimited storage. For example, if your current computer has 200 gigabytes of hard drive, keep in mind that this is infinitely small with the capabilities of the TB is available in the cloud. What you need to store, you can resize to order and dynamically.

Cloud Computing Training

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