What Are The Right Ways To Apply for Canada Express Entry Visa?

Canada is one of the most well-liked destinations for skilled workers from India. Each year, thousands of Indians apply for a permanent residency visa from India with help of Immigration Consultant. Canada is culturally diverse and has a large population of Indians living in large cities. It offers career opportunities and wealth that are not available in India.

What is PR Visa

A permanent residency visa is granted to an immigrant who is not yet a citizen of Canada but has been invited to live and earn in the country. It is the first step to establishing residency in Canada and become its citizen.  PR visa holder is given official papers which serves as proof of his/her status. It becomes essential if one is traveling outside Canada and wishes to re-enter the country.

What is Express Entry Program

Express Entry Program or EEP is a federal program of the Canadian government based on a point system. The EEP was launched by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in 2015 to streamline the immigration process. EEP tries to select skilled and well-qualified professionals from different fields and make possible their immigration into Canada to meet the shortfall in its labor market and demands of its workforce. Canada Express Entry Visa Consultants in India help Indian skilled workers migrate easily.

Through Express Entry there are three routes of entry into Canada.

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  2. Federal Skilled Trade Program.
  3. Canadian Experience Class Program.

The candidate must at first score 67 in Comprehensive Ranking System. This allows them entry into the EEP pool of candidates. From EEP pool those who achieve a certain cut off are invited for permanent residency. The points are calculated impartially without any heed to gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, and other such discriminatory factors. Help is provided by Canada Immigration Consultants in regard to these.

  • Education – Ph.D. 25, Masters 23, Bachelors 21.
  • Age – If less than 35 years then 12 points. If more than 35 then one point reduction per year of age.
  • Experience – more than 6 years experience 15 points, more than 4 years, but less than 6 is 13 points.
  • English – score of 7 in speaking, writing, reading and 8 in listening. If a spouse gets 4 in speaking, reading and writing and 4.5 in listening then an additional 5 points.
  • Having a relative in Canada who will sponsor the applicant gets 5 points.

To receive a high score of 470 – 490 which more or less guarantees entry into Canada one would need a Master’s degree, 6 years experience and be less than 35 years of age. The score in IELTS should be 9 or at least 8.5. One would also preferably need a job offer from a Canadian employer to add to the points.

The Steps of EEP.

  • At first, a candidate has to take the IELTS test. Make sure you score at least CLB 7. It is preferable to score a CLB 8 or 7.5 with 8 in listening and 7 each in reading, writing and speaking. A CLB of 9 would add 50 points. The IELTS test costs USD 150.
  • Next, have the Educational Credential Assessment done. It is done by using the services of an organization like World Education Services. This step provides the applicant with Canadian equivalent of any other nation’s educational qualifications. The WES assessment costs USD 215. It will take up to 2 months to receive the final evaluation.
  • At this stage, the applicant must set up a profile on the Express Entry Program. Create an Expression of Interest or EOI. This enters the candidate into the pool of applicants. You have to make sure that the information provided in the application is accurate and authentic.
  • Before submitting your profile for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) assessment, it is essential that you know your qualification and result. Check your criteria by calculating your score and knowing if the Express Entry program is right for you. At least a score of 430 – 440 is required.
  • Send all related documents such as IELTS score and educational qualification and work experience.
  • The invitation round happens every month. There is a draw every 15 days by IRCC. The score that is received by Comprehensive Ranking System is compared and those who score above cut off are invited to apply for a permanent residency visa. This is known as Invitation to Apply or ITA.
  • When IRCC approves the application to migrate, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
  • Inside 90 days of receiving ITA one has to Apply for Express Entry Visa.

At This Stage, Various Documents Have To Be Submitted.

Some of these documents are.

  • Copy of passport
  • Soft and hard copy of a photograph
  • The applicant’s proof of employment
  • The applicant’s proof of funds
  • Proof related to educational qualifications and IELTS
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Health certificate

After these documents are submitted, and all immigration fees have been paid the immigration department of Canada would verify and scrutinize them. The process can take about 3 months. Once verification of all documents has happened candidates have to submit passport for visa stamping. The PR card is sent to a Canadian address about 2 months after the applicant arrives in Canada.

What Are The Benefits Of A PR Visa

The holder of the Canadian PR visa enjoys many privileges and rights almost equal to Canadian citizens. If you are ready to apply for permanent residency, you have the right to –

  1. Live and work all the time in Canada.
  2. After a few years in Canada, you can apply for Canadian citizenship.
  3. Take advantage of the health benefits.
  4. Be able to receive unemployment benefits and low tax rate.
  5. Enjoy the other social and economic benefits of Canada.
  6. Sponsor your grandparents and parents with the help of your PR visa.
  7. Children of PR visa holders who are born in Canada are Canadian citizens by birth.
  8. Receive protection under Canadian laws.
  9. One can also enroll in one of its institutes for higher learning for subsidized education.


The Canadian PR visa is valid for 5 years, and every 5 years you must renew it. You have to be present in Canada every 2 years out of 5 years for renewal to happen. The country boasts of excellent scenery and very clean, pollution free air. Healthcare is nearly free with the government charging a nominal premium every year.

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