What are Bolt Seals & Their Applications?

Imagine the surge of thefts in cargo during transport if they are not secured. To avoid those thefts, bolt seals are put to use. Wonder what these bolt seals are?

In this article, we will explore what bolt seals are, how they work, and their applications in the transportation industry. We will also discuss how to choose the right bolt seal for your cargo.

What Are Bolt Seals?

Bolt seals are a type of tamper-evident security device used to secure cargo containers during transportation. They consist of a metal bolt that is inserted through a locking mechanism and sealed in place using a tamper-evident mechanism, such as a unique serial number or barcode.

Bolt seals provide an effective way to prevent unauthorized access and tampering with cargo, ensuring the safety and integrity of the goods being transported.

They are commonly used in the transportation industry to secure high-value cargo and are required by law in many countries.

These are a type of tanker seal that come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, including plastic and metal, to suit different cargo and security requirements.

Applications of Bolt Seals

Bolt seals have a wide range of applications in the transportation industry, especially for securing high-value cargo. Some of the common applications of bolt seals include:

Shipping containers: Bolt seals are widely used to secure shipping containers during transit to prevent theft and unauthorized access. Shipping containers are often transported by sea, road, or rail, and bolt seals provide tamper carriers and receivers protection from any unauthorized access or tampering.

Trucks and trailers: Bolt seals are commonly used to secure the doors of trucks and trailers to prevent the theft of valuable goods during transportation.

Air cargo: Bolt seals are used to secure air cargo containers and pallets to prevent unauthorized access or tampering during transit.

Railcars: Bolt seals are used to secure railcars carrying valuable cargo, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and high-end merchandise.

Customs and border security: Bolt seals are often required by customs and border security agencies to ensure the safety and security of imported or exported goods.

Warehouses and storage facilities: Bolt seals can be used to secure containers and storage units in warehouses and storage facilities to prevent theft and unauthorized access.

How to Choose the Ideal Bolt Seal?

Even if you are considering reliable bolt seal manufacturers, choosing the right bolt seal is important to ensure safety during transportation. Here are some factors to consider when choosing bolt seals:

Security level: Consider the security level required for your cargo. High-value goods may require a more secure bolt seal with unique serial numbers or barcodes.

Material: Bolt seals come in various materials such as plastic and metal. Consider the material that suits your cargo and transportation requirements.

Strength: Choose a bolt seal that can withstand tampering and resist cutting, bending, or breaking.

Brand reputation: Choose a bolt seal from a reputable brand like Bharat Expo Feeder with a proven track record in the transportation industry.

Summing Up

Overall, bolt seals play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and security of valuable cargo during transportation and are widely used in various industries that require secure transport of goods.