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Vaginal dryness is a common but treatable problem that many women experience at some point

in their lives. Symptoms of a dry vagina some women only have symptoms of vaginal dryness at certain times, such as during sex, while others have them all the time.

The cause of vaginal dryness is often linked to the reduction in estrogen which naturally occurs around or after the menopause or following breast cancer treatment. As the level of estrogen begins to reduce it can cause a range of symptoms, including hot flushes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, mood swings, and vaginal dryness.

Many of these symptoms go away after time, however, lower estrogen levels can affect the

level of moisture in the vagina long after the menopause unless managed or treated. Women

can experience thinning of the skin which leaves the area in and around the vagina more

delicate and the lack of moisture means the skin can rub together and cause friction,

soreness and in some cases splitting.

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