Top 5 reasons why we’re one of the best video production companies in Mumbai

Corporate film makers, explainer video company, product video maker, tutorial video production – we do it all. Buzz Creatix is a creative agency that creates and produces video content for your company. Through all our videos, we help you build a connection with your clients and customers. We communicate your vision and key messages in a manner that appeals to even a toddler. Clear and rich content is depicted in a visually enhanced video that gains the viewer’s attention right from the start. Not convinced yet? Read on to find out why we are the best corporate film maker or explainer video company, or basically why we have such a high ranking.

1. Our distinct process
Being a video production company, it is necessary to adhere to procedures. We follow a five-step process when producing any video content. Briefing is the first and most important step. The aim of this step is to understand and get a clear idea of what is proposed to us, exchange views and opinions on what approach to take and what audience to reach out to. The second step is researching. As an explainer video company, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive research. We find logic and reasoning to support the possible approach decided and dig deeper to see if it is matches with the target audience. What follows research is scriptwriting. A clear-cut script is written, focusing on clear communication between company and audience. Next is production. As a corporate film maker, we ensure during production that the essence of the company is also captured. Creating a bond with the audience is necessary, which is why we create the video in an interactive manner. Our final step is reviewing. Assessing the video to see if it hits the brief perfectly and do up any last minute touch-ups if needed.

2. Rich and appealing content
All our video content is drawn up by highly intellectual and creative minds. Our experts fit in all the details within the allotted time frame. The content always follows the sales funnel pattern: attract, engage, nurture and convert. Visualizing the content is the key focus. When creating videos, an explainer video company like Buzz Creatix, skillfully makes teaching easier and fun. It can graphically explain software, operations, mechanism – anything that isn’t visible to the eye. Our corporate film makers incorporates the company’s ethos and values into videos to remind the viewers that there are people just like them who share the same morals and beliefs. This creates a connection and retains their attention.

3. Targeting the right audience
Any explainer video company, product video maker or corporate film maker serves its purpose only if it caters to the correct audience. Understanding the likes and tastes of the target audience is an important research point we focus on. To make the viewers feel more accepted our videos are also gender and age inclusive. When we address the audience in a more personal way, it is easier to grab their attention for longer durations.

4. Incorporating interactive elements
An explainer video company stands out from the crowd when it incorporates interactive elements like debates, brainstorming sessions and discussions. To prevent the audience from losing interest, Buzz Creatix integrates activities that require the audience to take a break from the screen and have a discussion amongst themselves. This enhances the learning experience and makes the video more effective.

5. Applying different styles
Corporate film makers utilize the different video styles available to them. Using different styles break away from the common and making your video even more interesting. 2D animation, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, 3D animation and stop motion are a few of the styles that explainer video companies also make use of.
Now that you know why and who are among the top three creative agencies in Mumbai, it’s about time you hire an explainer video company or corporate filmmaker – one that has excellent knowledge and experience in video production and one that is called Buzz Creatix.

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