Top 5 Common Stair Lift Myths

Many people think that stairliftsare only for the elderly. This is the most common myth people hold in their minds that affect their decision when it comes to buying one.Some don’t understand that stairlifts are for all ages, and they can be used by anyone who has mobility issues. For instance, if you have a footinjury from a serious accident, a stairlift is a great tool to increase your mobility.

Stairliftsare extremely useful. However, when it’s about time to pick a stairlift, you may doubt if it’s a good choice to buy because of all the myths you hear around. In this article, we will discuss some debunking myths about stairlifts.

  1. They can move by themselves.

The fear of accidents is one of the main factors that keep a lot of people from installing a stairlift on their stairs. Stair liftsdo not move on their own unless you operate them. These toolsare equipped with safety features.Thus,there is nothing to worry about your stairlift sliding up or down. Stair lifts can be locked when they are not in use. Therefore, they will not move if you won’t control them.

For certainty, you can install straight stair lifts Lexington Ky for your straight staircase as its quality is already proven. Plus, it is guaranteed to last for a long time.

  1. They would not fit on your stairs.

No matter how wide or narrow or big or small your stairs may be, there is always a stairlift that will fit your stairs. Basically, there are two types of stairlifts namely, straight and curved stairlifts. If you have a single flight of stairlift, you can either choose straight stairlifts Louisville Ky or straight stair lifts Cincinnati. However, if you have the other way around, you can use a curved straight lift.

  1. You are no longer independent.

Another common myth about stairlifts is that theyreduce your independence and make you feel worthless. The reality is that it is the total opposite. Stair lifts will make you more independent as you don’t need an assistant to accompany you to go upstairs or downstairs. Yes, it is true that you will not be walking up and down with yourself, but this is a safe choice for you,especially if you find it difficult to climb.

  1. They only run solely on electricity.

Some assume that stairlifts only operate through electricity, and they will leave you stranded when there is no power. However, this is not the case. Stair lifts are battery-powered, and you only use electricity to recharge. If you experience power outage at home, you can stillyou’re your stairlift for a numerous number oftrips up and down as it has enough storage battery power to support the platform.

  1. They are expensive.

The price of a stairlift depends on a lot of factors namely, the quality, shape of your stairs, and the option needed. For your straight stair case, you can choose straight stair lifts Cincinnati or straight stair lifts Louisville Ky. These two are cheaper than the curved ones as they only cost $3,000 to $5,000 with an installation. On the other hand, curved stairlifts cost double their price. Some even costup to $25,000.


Choosing a stair lift is a daunting task. That’s why it is not a surprise that there are several myths surrounding them. If falls are very common in your home, then you may have realized how valuable lifts can be. With this, it’s extremely important to consider buying a straight stair lift at home.

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