Technology, Innovation and Market Report: Global Flexible Packaging

The market research report on ‘Technology, Innovation and Market Report: Global Flexible Packaging’ is one of the bestselling offering from Ingenious e-Brain. This report provides expert analysis into the technology, patent and market insights. This report describes the current and future technologies, market demand, scope, key players, major segments and future trends in this industry.

Flexible Packaging Market Dynamics:

As the world is moving towards sustainability, the novel bio-based and biodegradable packaging materials are expected to create a profitable future in the flexible packaging. Cost-effectiveness and increased shelf life of the products is stroking the demand for flexible plastic packaging. Moreover, due to busy lifestyles, the demand for convenient products has increased, which has led to a rise in demand for flexible packs. Flexible plastic packaging requires less resources and energy for packaging; thus, flexible packs are accessible at low costs. Flexible plastic packaging enables to pack the product in the least amount of packaging material, thereby lowering product warehousing and shipping expenses while maintaining or improving product protection. Technological innovation, sustainability concerns and attractive economics are the reasons for the phenomenal growth of flexible packaging.

Flexible Packaging Market and Technology Segmentation:

  • By material, the global flexible packaging market is segmented into polymer, paper, aluminium and cellulosic.
  • By type, the global flexible packaging market is segmented into stand-up pouches, flat pouches
  • roll stocks, gusseted bags, Wicketed bags, wraps and others.
  • By application, the global flexible packaging market is segmented into Food & beverage, personal care, healthcare, industrial and others (retail).

Flexible Packaging IP Analysis:

The IP analysis of flexible packaging market includes an in-depth analysis of patenting activities in different regions along with the recent activities by different companies, assignees and universities. Additionally, data about recent developments has also been captured.

Flexible Packaging Market Geographical Share:

From the global perspective in terms of IP activities, Asian countries have the majority share in flexible packaging wherein China is leading major in terms of patenting activity followed by US and Europe.

In the context of market APAC holds the dominant share of the global flexible packaging market owing to the growing focus on developing low-cost flexible plastic packaging solutions. This region is projected to register the maximum growth in the forecast period because of the significantly large customer base for consumer durables and FMCG.

Sealed Air Corporation, Amcor Limited, Bemis Company, Inc., Constantia Flexibles Group, Coveris Holdings S.A., Sonoco Products Company, Berry Plastics Group, Inc., Mondi Group, and Reynolds Group Holdings lead the global flexible packaging market. These players adopted various organic and inorganic strategies such as acquisitions, new product launches, and expansions to cater to the growing needs of the flexible plastic packaging market.

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The Table of content contained in this report is as under-

  1. Technology Overview
    • Introduction
    • Objective & Scope
    • Summary
  2. Flexible Packaging Overview
    • Introduction
    • Evolution of flexible packaging
    • Role and function of flexible packaging
    • Inclination towards sustainable solutions
    • Novel packaging-An imperative global need
  3. Flexible Packaging Segmentation
    • Introduction
    • Material
      • Polymer
      • Paper
      • Aluminium
      • Cellulosic
    • Type
      • Stand-Up Pouches
        • Standard Stand-Up Pouches
        • Retort Stand-Up Pouches
      • Flat Pouches
        • Standard Flat Pouches
        • Retort Flat Pouches
      • Rollstocks
      • Gusseted Bags
      • Wicketed Bags
      • Wraps
      • Others
    • Application
      • Food & beverage
      • Personal Care
      • Healthcare
      • Industrial
      • Others (Retail)
  1. Flexible Packaging Technology: An IP Overview
    • Geographic Activity
      • United States
        • Top players in United States
        • Important IPs in United States
      • Europe
        • Top players in Europe
        • Important IPs in Europe
      • Asia
        • Top players in Asia
        • Important IPs in Asia
      • Collaborations / Acquisitions / Licensing Activity of top ten players in Flexible Packaging technology
        • Collaboration between companies
        • Collaboration between company and universities
        • Licensing activity among universities, companies and individuals
        • Acquisition in the Flexible Packaging technology domain
        • Flexible Packaging Technology based comparison between top players
  1. Global Flexible Packaging Technologies: Recent Advancement
  2. Analysis of Flexible Packaging trends of leading patent holders
    • White Space Analysis
  3. Recent activities in Flexible Packaging technology
    • Contract / funding information
      • Contract / funding objective
      • Contract / funding receiving company information
    • Partnership / Collaboration / Licensing
      • Partnership / Collaboration / Licensing objective
      • Information of associated companies
    • New emerging technologies
      • Information of associated company
      • Information of associated inventors
    • Undergoing research activities
      • Information of associated company
      • Information of associated inventors
  1. Flexible Packaging- Market Dynamics
    • Introduction
    • Drivers
      • Cost-Effectiveness and Increased Product Shelf-Life
      • Downsizing of Packaging
    • Restraints
      • Stringent Regulations
    • Opportunities
      • Substitution of Traditional Packaging
      • Rising demand of Sustainable Packaging Solutions
      • Modern Technologies
    • Challenges
      • Recycling cost and recyclability
  1. Flexible Packaging Market Development: Market Value and Volume Forecast (2018– 2024)
    • Flexible Packaging Market by Material
      • Polymer
      • Paper
      • Aluminium
      • Cellulosic
    • Flexible Packaging Market by Type
      • Stand-Up Pouches
      • Flat Pouches
      • Rollstocks
      • Gusseted Bags
      • Wicketed Bags
      • Wraps
      • Others
    • Flexible Packaging Market by Application
      • Food & beverage
      • Personal Care
      • Healthcare
      • Industrial
      • Others (Retail)
    • Flexible Packaging Market by Region
      • Americas
      • US
      • Europe
      • APAC
      • RoW
  1. Competitive Landscape
    • Key Developments by companies
    • Market Share Analysis
    • Company Profiling
      • Amcor Limited
      • Bemis Company
      • Constantia Flexible Group GmbH
      • Huhtamaki Group
      • Sonoco Products Company
      • Sealed Air Corporation
      • Mondi Group
      • Clondalkin Group Holdings B.V.
      • Coveris Holdings S.A.
      • Ampac Holdings
      • AEP Industries
      • American Packaging
      • Automated Packaging Systems
      • Berry Plastics
      • Innovia Films
      • MeadWestvaco
      • Printpack
      • Rexam
      • Wipak
      • Glenroy
      • Westrock

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