Teaching English in Asia Jobs for the Native Speakers

Are you eligible to teach English in Asian countries? If you are a native speaker of English or if you can speak English with native-like fluency, then yes, you are. There are so many vacancies for eligible English teachers in China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries. The teachers should have either TEFL or TESOL certificate and they are good to go. There are almost 14,000 available positions in the world for teaching English. The world has gone crazy for speaking English and if you are a native speaker, you already have the needed qualification to cash in.

However, you need to have a bachelor’s degree, at least, to find the job you desire. Higher qualifications would certainly tilt the balance in your favour. However, with a bachelor’s degree, you can get placed at different schools, colleges and language training institutes. The subject you studied doesn’t matter either.

English is the modern international language for almost everything. Commerce, trade, entertainment, education, technology, whatever you can name needs English. Even tourism industry needs English to serve better to the foreign tourists. Thus, if you want to move around the world and help people achieve their goals, teaching English would be a great starting point.

In many Asian countries, speaking good English often leads to a prosperous career. Enhanced social status, better employment opportunities and the persona of a well to do man come easily to a fluent speaker of English. As weird as it might be, this is the truth. Thus, we can help many people to secure their lives with fluent English.

A look at the current situation at home isn’t too encouraging. Unemployment is on the rise, the taxes are going up, the prices are going up, the jobs are less in number, less perks and benefits from the employers and frankly, there is no bigger goal. On the other hand, in Asian everything is just the opposite because Asia happens to be the next super power, financially, at least.

Teach English in Asia jobs bring a chance to make a difference in someone’s life, a decent salary, a boss who accepts your kindness to work for him, a new culture to explore and less workload. You get a place to stay, cable TV, internet and other perks but most importantly, you earn the respect from the local people and touch them positively.

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