Should you buy consumer electronics online?

2018 is set to witness a surge in e-commerce revenues. With 67% of millennials and 56% of Gen Xers preferring to shop online rather than at a physical store, the e-commerce players are ready to encounter tough competition in the coming times. The consumer electronics sector is a significant player in the game. Even though there are a few multichannel electronic retailers in the market, their e-commerce sales seem to be more positive than their brick-and-motor revenues.

Purchasing electronics such as home theatre systems, laptops, camera accessories, smartphones, etc. involves a huge investment. You certainly want to measure the pros and cons of buying them online versus buying them from a retail outlet.

So, if you’re in the market to buy laptop online, or a new led TV online, and are in a dilemma as to where you’d bag the best deal, you should consider the below facts.

The urgency of your requirement:  If your washing machine has broken down, and the clothes pile is giving you chills, then you know that it’s not right to wait anymore. In such urgency, attempting to buy washing machine online would do no good. It’s best to head to the nearest store and make an immediate purchase followed by a quick delivery.

Product Diversity: Considering the above situation, if there is no urgency and you can delay your purchase, then the online platform is sure to amaze you with its diverse offerings. You have the option of conveniently browsing through the specifications and product reviews of various washing machines. Be it a fully automatic Samsung washing machine, a top load LG washing machine, or a semi automatic Videocon washing machine, the e-tailers have it all for you.

Price: Online sellers certainly don’t have to bear the overhead costs of rent, sales staff, electricity, etc. Thus, they can conveniently sell products cheaper than the physical outlets. Online retailers mostly roll out several discounts on a certain value of purchase or even offer combination deals. So, if you search online for a printer, you’re most likely to come across a deal offering you a printer with scanner to enhance your shopping experience.

Shipping and delivery charges: Based on the above-mentioned fact, online sellers can afford to offer you free shipping, especially if you purchase above a certain amount. However, physical retailers find it difficult to wave off the delivery charges due to other overhead costs coupled with travelling cost.

At first glance, a retail electronic store may seem like a good idea for a high-end purchase, but the above facts definitely convey the benefits of buying your electronics online.

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