Should I Invest in Bitcoin in 2017? Here’s What You Need to Know

Before we answer that question, we want to make something clear to all of you about Bitcoin. You have to be aware that Bitcoin is everything but a company. Bitcoin isn’t a stock. Bitcoin is a currency, remember that. This means that whenever you invest in a Bitcoin, you have invested in nothing else but a currency.

If we want to answer this clever question, we first must know what we mean under investing in Bitcoin. If your goal to buy Bitcoin hoping it will appreciate its value or are you more of a person interested in investing in companies that deal with Bitcoin? Are you just looking to make daily trades with Bitcoin?

Most people don’t know that the most usual form of investing in Bitcoin is actually buying this virtual currency in hope its value will hodle. By hodle, we mean the increase in value of Bitcoin. If you want to buy Bitcoins and invest in them for this reason you should decide about that by yourself. You should never listen to other people’s pieces of advice on Bitcoin on whether their price will rise or not. Learn for yourself about Bitcoin and you are on your way to decide will you invest in it or not.

Here are a few pieces of advice for purchasing Bitcoins and holding them:

  • You should never invest in Bitcoin if you aren’t willing to lose. Bitcoin is and will always be a risky investment to anyone. Remember that!
  • Once you have bought a Bitcoin make sure to hide it into your personal wallet. You can also use something called a digital wallet for storing your Bitcoin.

Some people are eager to invest in Bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency mining. Many people fall for purchasing expensive cryptocurrency mining and Bitcoin mining equipment not knowing that it would actually cost them less to buy Bitcoin.

There are also people who mine Bitcoins through various website. This is known as cloud mining. However, you should never perform Bitcoin mining through these websites as they are either partial or complete scams.

Unlike other Bitcoin mining platforms, Valhalla Mining isn’t a scam.

Some people make one big mistake when it comes to investing in Bitcoin. They invest in the so-called High Yield Investment Programs which promise people that they will double their Bitcoins, make them rich, give people insane interest on their Bitcoins, etc.

Such Bitcoin programs are a complete scam. You should never trust High Yield Investment Programs because they sound too good to be true. These websites actually work in the beginning and they will give you some money but they will all of sudden go offline.

Valhalla Mining is a high yield investment program, but we aren’t a scam. Remember that!

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