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No need to mention the network security engineers are highly skilled individuals. However, even, they have to advance their skills frequently. They can enhance their skills and verify their skills with the certifications. Cisco offers the 300-208 SISAS exam for the network security engineers. It has 55 – 65 questions. It is taken in the English as well as Japanese languages. You will have an hour and thirty minutes for solving this exam.

Identify secure access unit has 33% questions on this exam. It has several sub-units. You should be able to solve the quizzes relevant to how to apply the device administration. TACACS+, RADIUS and a few more topics are related to it. You will have to solve the questions related to MAB.

You will have to answer 10% quizzes related to threat defense on the 300-208 exam. You will be answering the questions on TrustSec Architecture for this category. SGT classification and SGT transportation are sub-parts of this topic. The next unit has 7 percent quizzes on this exam. It is named as troubleshooting, monitoring, and reporting tools. Some questions will be related to Cisco ISE for this unit. How to troubleshoot endpoint problems is another key topic.

The candidates have to answer 17% questions on the threat defense architecture. Like the above mentioned sections, it also has sub-sections. You’ll be solving the questions on 802.1X, CWA, profiling along with a few more other topics. The last unit of the 300-208 exam is identifying management architectures. It will have 33% quizzes on this exam. You should be able to answer the questions on the device administration. Moreover, learn about guest services and posturing services. A few other topics are also segmented to this category.

When you decide to appear for the exam, you’ll have to choose the right source for the preparation of this exam. You can join a few relevant courses for the preparation. But it takes time. You have to go regularly. Probably, you have tight schedule. As a result, you mayn’t prepare for the 300-208 exam by joining the courses.

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