Safety Shoes Manufacturing Process- How Safety Shoes are Manufactured?

industrial safety shoes

The manufacturing of industrial safety shoes involves a series of steps, processes and the involvement of several departments. The process includes the use of various machines and techniques, that may vary slightly from one manufacturer to another. This article is dedicated to providing an overview of the manufacturing process of safety shoes online starting from material selection and methods used, to the making process of the shoes.

The manufacturing process of safety shoes
Safety shoe manufacturing typically starts from the design stage. This becomes more important when custom shoes are manufactured or a new shoe style is required to be unveiled. Then the type of materials is selected as per the requirements. The selection of material depends on the type of footwear, intended protection capability and other features such as shoe durability and comfort.
The actual manufacturing process then takes place by using multiple steps and machines. A dedicated machine is used to cut the pieces of the materials, another one is used to sew them together, a different machine attaches the eyelets or metal hooks and so on. Some machines are used for the final touches like buffing and other steps.

Materials used for safety shoes manufacturing
The durability and effectiveness of industrial safety shoes highly depend on the type of materials used to manufacture them. So when it comes to PPE shoes, it’s important to understand the industrial options for material grades to be used. Therefore, safety shoes price and affordability depend on the processes and materials used for manufacturing.
Leather is the most important material used for safety shoes online manufacturing. They are long-lasting comfortable and breathable. Types of leather include nubuck leather, full-grain leather, suede leather and printed leather. Other types of materials used for the manufacturing of safety shoes include PVC, rubber, PU, EVA and more.
The soles are mostly made up of synthetic materials. Kevlar is also used for manufacturing puncture-resistant and flexible soles. On the other hand, steel, steel alloys, composites and aluminium are used for protecting the toe area or midsole.

The process of safety shoe manufacturing
Various steps and processes are involved in the manufacturing process of safety shoes online. Some of these processes are fairly simple, while others include the use of advanced technologies. Below is a quick walkthrough of the process of leather safety shoe manufacturing.

  • Cutting the parts

The safety shoe manufacturing process starts with the cutting of raw materials into desirable shapes. Workers use hydraulic, movable machines to die-cut the sections of vamp parts. These machines are capable of cutting through synthetic or leather materials. To achieve desired patterns and shapes, various die sizes and designs are used.

  • Sewing parts together

Sewing machines are used to stitch the cut pieces to construct the vamp or upper parts. During this time, the toe area is also prepared and a machine attaches eyelets or metal hooks.

  • Shaping the shoe

At this stage, the protective midsole is attached followed by the mould and shoe last. The last is used to give the shoe its final shape. Then the safety shoe toe cap is installed that is made out of steel, composite or other material.

  • Making the sole

The shoe sole is manufactured through the required method and attached to the upper part. This attaching process may be carried out through mould injection, sewn or glued. The shoe is then sanded to remove imperfections and extra materials.

  • Final touches

In this step, the industrial safety shoes are buffed and polished, hence getting a more finished appearance. All types of finishing such as attaching the zippers and laces, inserting the insole and attaching the label are completed during this stage.

  • Quality Control

Once the manufacturing is finished, each product goes through quality control where they are checked by using specialised measuring instruments. Through this process, the shoes undergo various quality tests to check if they are resistant to puncture, cut, shock, compression, impact and conductivity. After passing these tests, shoes are then packed in boxes for shipping.

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