Reasons Why A Distance MBA Or PGD In Project Management Will Benefit Your Career

Apart from running day-to-day operations, organisations also execute temporary and focused endeavours from time to time in order to improve their performance and achieve business goals and objectives. These transient assignments, also called projects, differ from an organization’s standard activities that are usually repetitive and on-going in nature. Projects may be short-term or long-term, depending upon their size, complexity, purpose, outcome, reach etc. They may be executed by an individual or may require the efforts of a team of professionals who may or may not belong to the same department or location. More often than not, all projects manifest common limitations of time, scope, cost and quality which govern their broad framework. However, despite such commonalities, no two projects are mirror images of each other as each is characterised by its unique business challenges, priorities and results that are specific to the organization that runs the project and the industry or business sector that the particular organization caters to

Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager
Considering that the goal of any project is to fulfil critical client and business priorities, it is of utmost importance that a project is completed on time and within the stipulated budget. This is where the role of a Project Manager comes in play. A project manager is equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and methodologies to oversee and drive small, medium and large-scale projects from their initiation to completion. He or she is responsible for effective management of a project’s resources, both people and materials, and ensure that a project’s interrelated tasks and activities are executed in a systematic and accurate manner to produce desired results that meet the expectations of the project’s sponsor and stakeholders. While there are niche projects that require project managers to be specialised in a specific domain or be equipped with sound technical skills, in general, the role of a project management professional is that of a generalist who is able to deliver results for miscellaneous projects on the basis of his or her understanding of project management fundamentals. It is a known fact that projects are often prone to known and unknown risks and obstacles that may pose a threat to their successful execution. A certified project management professional is well-versed with the techniques to overcome the inherent risks and challenges that prevail in most projects. Strong interpersonal, negotiation, networking, communication, conflict management and stakeholder management skills, and traits like creativity, flexibility and agility, are desirable in this role as managing conflicts and differences of opinion within intra-team members, cross-functional teams and stakeholders, identifying individual strengths and weaknesses and appropriately assigning members with tasks and responsibilities that complement their unique skill sets and keeping customers and other important stakeholders abreast of the project’s latest developments are few of the critical responsibilities that define the role of a project manager.

How Can A Post Graduate Diploma In Project Management Help You Shape Your Career In This Domain?
Because projects are integral to any enterprise or business firm and they are undertaken across industries and business sectors, hence, certified and skilled project management specialists are much in demand for the sectors as varied as IT, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, construction, manufacturing, financial services etc. Considering that project management is a strategic and challenging role that entails driving complex project goals to fruition within stringent timelines and cost constraints, bearing in mind the specifications and expectations of internal and external stakeholders, a post-graduate diploma course that offers a competitive advantage, similar to a distance MBA, will help professionals successfully make a foray into this lucrative and niche domain. One of the leading providers of distance learning education in India, MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE), Pune has come up with an innovative one-year PGD course in Project Management that is equivalent to a one-year correspondence MBA. Any graduate or diploma holder with at least three years of work experience can enroll in this course for a thorough grasp of a project’s entire life cycle, ranging from its conceptualisation and planning to its execution, monitoring and closure. Apart from learning the principles of this field, one gets in-depth insight into industry practices with ample exposure to real-world scenarios in the form of case studies. Backed with a UGC-DEB certification, MITSDE brings to the table career-oriented distance learning courses that leverage flexible modules designed by industry experts and an interactive and online learning platform to help busy professionals address their skill gaps from the comfort of their homes or when they are at work .

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