Portable OT Light Market to See Incredible Growth During 2018 – 2028

Revolution of Portable OT Lights

The advancements in technology revolutionized the portable OT lights by combining optical illumination with a sophisticated electronic management of the LEDs. Portable OT lights function with constant colour lightening level, electronic focus adjustment and automatic preventive maintenance. The temperature and light intensity of the portable OT lights remain constant for the entire lifespan of the OT light. It is managed by configuring control of LEDs with the electronic field. Focusing systems of portable OT lights adjust diameter of the light electronically to provide uniform light. Microprocessors are incorporated with portable OT lights to provide integrated preventive maintenance over their lifespan. Recent advancements of technology led to development of wireless communication technology. It allows total integration of portable OT lights with systems operated by compatible hospitals suites.

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Advantages over the Conventional Lamps

Portable OT Lights are used to illuminate the surgical site for visualization of low contrast and small objects optimally at varying depths in body cavities and incisions. The demand for potable OT lights are rising due to outstanding performance and energy efficiency, when compared to the conventional lamps. The portable OT lights have a wide range of advantages over conventional lamps such as technological advancements, low heat generation, flexibility with wide range of settings, minimal power consumption and economic. The portable OT lights work on the principle of optical independence of each module to disperse the light.

Accordingly, each petal of the portable OT light diffuses a light spot which is superimposed on the field generated by the other petals of the operation theatre light. Consequently, even when head blocks the light field of the portable OT light, there is no shadow appearance at the spot of circumference. Portable OT lights are used for better differentiation of smaller objects and visualization. In most of the cases, portable OT lights are provided with multicolor LEDs that help to adjust the color temperature. Portable OT lights are mostly provided with maneuverability, castors, anti-static are easy to move with low inertia.

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Factor Driving the Growth of the Portable OT Lights Market

The global market for portable OT lights is driven by increasing number of surgical procedures performed over the globe. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 48 million surgical inpatient procedures were performed in the U.S. in 2009. There is continuous growth of operational procedures over the past few years owing to increasing number of medicinal providers, which boost the growth of the portable OT light market. According to the NHS, 4.7 million surgical admissions in between 2013 and 2014 have happened in England. Rising prevalence of trauma cases along with orthopedic cases drive the demand for surgeries and indirectly boost the growth of the portable OT light market. The demand for portable OT lights is driven by unique advantages over the conventional lights and high compliance among the end users.

Portable OT Light in Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Significant portion of the market has been covered by hospitals, clinics and ambulatory surgical centers. Hospitals and clinics collectively hold largest revenue share in the market, owing to higher adoption rate of portable OT lights. Besides, rising number of surgeries due to increasing trauma cases has strengthen the position of these segments in the overall market.

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Regional Market Outlook

North America is one of the dominant regions in the global portable OT light market mainly due to high adoption rate. The U.S. in North America, particularly dominates due to the high penetration rate. Economic conditions in the APAC region are set to drive the portable OT lights market to new heights. Europe and APAC are the fast-growing regions due to growing awareness of the advantages of the portable OT lights. Growth in the Middle East and African region is considerably less when compared to the other regions. However, North America would maintain its position in the portable OT light market, though is it expected that emerging economies such India, China, and Brazil, to have the highest growth rates in the portable OT light market.

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