Plus size shirts in Prince Edward Island

Black & White Plaid Shrug


From the humble beginnings of a small manufacturing and distribution network to the United Kingdom and Germany to now all over Canada Z&N epitomizes the Canadian dream of hard work, honesty, and value.

At  Z&N, we believe in quality products and good value .we know fashion is about flaunting yourself with confidence no matter what size you are !we are a dedicated plus size clothing company that will help you to flaunt your style and curves better.

We believe that fashion isn’t limited and everyone has a body type that is flaunt-worthy if accentuated well to bring out their best and this is possible with the right fit.

So for all the plus-size fashionistas out there, it’s time to toss out those baggy outfits and make way for some well-fitting and trendy casuals and formals that make you look stylish, cool and confident.

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