NINE International, Your Buddy to Study Abroad

Now and then we see the youth of the country moving abroad to study which certainly made me curious and that’s where I started my research with. During this journey of unfolding the opportunities, perks and much more of studying abroad I learned some really interesting facts. As per a report by the Bureau of Migration and Ministry of Home Affairs in the year 2022, the migration of students studying abroad was by 68% which certainly raised my eyebrows and I started wondering what made students move so much during my expedition I came across an Educational Agent who certainly helped to clear the air in my mind.

Finding the NINE International

While travelling through India, my curiosity led me to NINE International, a highly experienced educational consulting firm for students from all over the world. I was warmly greeted and had the opportunity to meet the CEO of the company, MR Dipen Patel, who is a knowledgeable and skilled guide for those pursuing studies in Australia. As someone who has spent several years in Australia himself, he was able to provide valuable insights and guidance. He shared ample knowledge about the education patterns followed by other countries during our conversations, which smitten me. The stats proved that students studying abroad not only have a better lifestyle, but also possess practicality, emotional control, a realistic approach, and are more independent than those of the same age in India.

Learning from the Team

The Team NINE, all of whom were bibliophiles and well-versed in the intricacies of studying abroad, engaged in a thorough and insightful conversation with me. During my time at Team NINE International, I had the opportunity to meet with representatives from various universities and engage in meaningful discussions. Inspired by the experts at NINE, I now find myself contemplating and investigating potential options for pursuing higher education abroad. So even if you are looking for a guide for a path to your dream to study abroad connect with TEAM NINE they are based in Gujarat but are operational in Pan India.

Events Hosted by Team NINE International

Students who are visiting Nine International have a privilege to meet the University representatives who helps them to exactly know what will happen when they reach their dream destination and study at the university. This not only clarifies the doubts but enhances the confidence on how to handle things when they are away from the home. Recently Team NINE International also participated the education expo by Radio Mirchi at Vadodara Gujarat and became the link between the student and the university at such a larger platform which helped hundreds of students to clear the doubt of studying abroad.

I would love to extend my heartful thanks to TEAM NINE International for patiently helping me to relax my curiosity and questions about studying Abroad!!