Merkle-Korff–experience in gearmotors for over a century

A century of expertise in producing gear motors

Merkle-Korff has been established in 1911 and has started producing small gearmotors from day one. In 1920 Merkle-Korff has startet to develop and produce the original small gearmotor followed by many other inovative developments throughout the years.

In the meantime Merkle-Korff has also taken up to produce customised DC motors and through that following the needs of the industry and the change in customer demands.

High quality products since day one

Since the founding of Merkle-Korff the company has been the number one expert to go to, no matter if you are looking for DCmotorsand AC motors, brushless gearmotors or any other kind of gearmotor you require.

Also Merkle-Korff has the ISO 9001:2008 certification which shows that they meet the standards needed to provide high quality products to all industries in need of gearmotors. Through these high quality standards they are able to work with partners worldwide, just like Shayang Ye does. And if this isn’t convincing enough, then think about the fact that Merkle-Korff has been an established expert in this field since 1911. That is over 106 years of experience!!

Service and customer support

Not only is Merkle-Korff an expert in producing gearmotors, but they have also dedicated themselves to a high quality customer support.

Within this customer support you are guaranteed to find all your questions answered and also find help with all occurring problems concerning your gearmotor from Merkle-Korff. You will not only find customer service via their service hotline or via email, no the even have Sales Representatives, who will be happy to help you with all your questions before you purchase the gearmotors.

The product range

Today you can not only purchase a simple small gearmotor at Merkle-Korff’s, but a variety of different motors. Here you will find them in an overview:

  • Brushless DC gearmotors
  • Brushless DC motors
  • PMDC Brushed motors
  • PMDC planetary gearmotors
  • PMDC right angle gearmotors
  • AC Parallel Shaft gearmotors
  • Refrigeration Fan Motors
  • Customized Solutions

As you can see the product range has grown over time, but the main expertise has stayed as a constant reminder of the beginnings.

Where small gearmotors are found

You can find small gearmotors in a wide variety of automated areas. Starting with ATM machines and continuing on to the Ticket vendors or even the hot drinks vendor. Every electrically opening door has a small gearmotor built in.

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