MEA Attestation


All original documents/copies requiring attestation or Apostille should be first authenticated by the designated authorities of the State/Union Territory from where the document has been issued.

  State Home Department Authentication: In case of personal documents like Birth Certificates/Marriage Certificates etc, Home/General Administration Department of the concerned State Government/Union Territory are the designated authorities.

State HRD Authentication: In case of educational documents, the documents should first be authenticated by the Education Department of the concerned State Government/Union Territory.

 Commercial Documents are to be pre-authenticated by the respective Chambers of Commerce. If you have not got them authenticated, need not worry. Each state authentication has different requirements & different government bodies that can authenticate your documents. Give us a call or mail us or just fill a form on our website and our representative will be happy to help you.

After State authentication, there are two types of attestation done by MEA

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