Lotus Srishti The Villas For Luxurious Life

Looking forward to buying a new home? Hunting for a home can be a lot easier if you know the criteria on which you should base your search on. The first and the foremost thing which you need to keep in mind is the estate owner. The owner should be one who can be trusted and has had good records till date. Apart from that, you need to look beyond just the paint to ensure that the house has everything needed to meet your requirements. We at Lotus Srishti come to your rescue. Our residential villas are located just next to the crossing republic on the Ghaziabad Nh-24 road. Located right in the vicinity of the main road, it makes transportation a lot easier.

Lotus Srishti home villas are the most desired villas in the whole area. With engineering college right down the lane, the place is soon developing into one of the most sought after areas. Not just the plots, we bring to you completely prepared villas with the roofs and the interiors excellently designed. The villas bring together a group of people and facilitate the development of society oriented living. All the houses are lined one after the other therefore the campus is a sight to withhold. The campus has a big swimming pool accompanied with a club house. The security system is extremely tight and thus makes living safe and secured. It is the ideal home project for the people hunting for a house. It even features areas to conduct many indoor games so that the children in the family remain healthy and fit with regular activity. It even consists of a gym, availing whose membership will guarantee that all the members of your family are fit and in shape. The Lotus Srishti home villas campus even consist of a party hall so that the residents can celebrate their big and small occasions right next to their home and with their neighbors such that they don’t have to book another hall for their ceremonies and can save lots on the transportation cost. It has a separate play area where the children can spend their evenings playing and enjoying their childhood. The campus even features a lawn space where the elderly people of the family can easily conduct their evening or morning walks. It has a very spacey environment and is pollution free. Thus availing a home in the Lotus Srishti villas ensure perfect living.

Another factor which you need to consider when buying a home is that the cost of the house should fall within your budget. Our home plans have quite moderate prices however if you need you may resort to payment via other methods as well. We at Lotus Srishti bring to you an amazing payment plan where you can either pay in installment or can avail a bank loan up to eighty percent of the real cost.

Overall our home villas are amazingly beautiful, are available at moderate prices and are well-connected widely to the other parts of the city.

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