Laptop service center in Velahery

Laptop service center in velachery

velachery is a part of Chenai, located in the north west part of the city surrounded by Anna Nagar, Padi and Avadi. It covers an area of 45 km². The neighborhood is served by velachery railway station of the Chennai Suburban Railway and fastest growing area in Chennai.
Notable places in velachery :
velachery Industrial Estate.
IT parks in velachery.
The economy of velachery is mainly industrial. It was well known as an auto ancillary hub. However, in the late 2000s many IT companies have come up in velachery.The velachery Industrial Estate, spread over an area of 1,430 acres (4.9 km2), houses about 1,800 units[13] and is the biggest small scale industrial estate in South asia. So we established our service in velachery area.

Laptop service center in velachery

Importance of laptops :
In the modern world, one of the most important and necessary items of use is a computer or a laptop. It plays a vital role in his every day work and is of great help.
Charles Babbage has given the best gift possible to the humans by inventing a computer.

There was a time when people use to write long articles by hand but gone are those days, because now, it’s done through typing on a computer or a laptop. A laptop is a more compatible and compact version of a computer. It’s just like our notebook but its an advanced one.
Laptop computers can suffice every single need of today. We can work, surf the internet, play games, watch TV and lots more.
It increases the efficiency of the humans resulting in great and optimum utilization of time and energy. One more important aspect of laptops and computers is that people can bank online, shop online, buy/sell online, work online and earn online too.

So, this invention has revolutionized our economy in a positive way. It is due to this reason that computers have reached every nook and corner of the world and is in great use. It pays importance in every field may it be education, sports, news, entertainment or cooking.

These gadgets have brought the world together and close to each other. It makes the world look so simple and small. We as humans must try to be as much techno savvy as possible to make optimum utilization of these gadgets and take our economy and world towards the path of success.
Importance of laptop service center:
Being portable and lightweight, we carry it with us to execute many simple to complex tasks easily with the aid of it. This is why when our laptops face issues like overheating, malfunctioning and shutting down suddenly, we cannot concentrate on any work until we get it fixed or repaired. It becomes our headache.
How Raminfotech help us :
To help us get rid of these issues, many laptop service centers have come to the scene. A significant number of these service centers are called dedicated service centers. A dedicated service center is a company authorized service center. It offers multiple services for a particular brand. A dedicated laptop service center never works for the other brands. Sometimes, it is directly controlled by a company. Besides, the company can hire a contractor or a third-party vendor to offer uninterrupted services on behalf of it. The contractor solves various issues faced by the users of a particular brand. In many cases, it never takes money from a customer- if the issues come within the warranty periods. In that case, the tech support professionals take the signature of a customer and deliver the product.

Multi brand laptop service center :
As the consequence of it, we get to see many dedicated laptop service centers belonging to various reputable companies like Dell, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Compaq, HCL, etc. If your laptop or notebook does not work properly or you need to solve an overheating issue, you should visit a dedicated service center. Based on the manufacturing company, you just need to find one located very close to your home. If you have faced the issue within the warranty period, you do not need to pay for it. Besides, in order to enjoy all benefits- you need to check the facilities ensured by the company at the time of purchasing the notebook.

Customer support :
The customer support executive will ask your product number and model number. After that, they will forward your matter to the concerned department. Once your matter is processed, you will receive a call or an SMS. This call or SMS will let you know the expected time and the name of the person coming to fix the issues. The company representative will ask you to show the bill. After checking and verifying it with your given information.

Types of services provide by Raminfotech:

We offer high quality Laptop Chip Level Service with expert handling. Motherboard of any laptop is the most essential part and needs professionally qualified and skilled personnel to repair it. Raminfotech offer Chip level services in Chennai,chip level laptop service and Broken Laptop Service Center In Chennai. Ram Infotech offers high-quality services for your sensitive mother boards and chips.
Experienced technicians, who work with focus and commitment, handle the sensitive and chip level repairs of your laptops. Our dedicated team of experts can handle all makes and models of laptops ranging from HP, Lenovo, Acer, IBM, Dell, Compaq Presario, Sony, etc with expertise. We offer other branded laptop services in chennai like Apple Laptop Service Center In Chennai,dell laptop service in chennai,hp laptop service in chennai,lenovo laptop service in chennai,toshiba laptop service in Chennai,acer laptop service in Chennai.
All types of problems related to the mother board like the laptop restart problem, hanging of laptops, memory control problems, keyboard control problems, power supply problems, processor control issues, dead laptops, display problems, bios problems, battery section issues, audio problems etc.
Laptop service center in velachery

2.Broken laptop Services in Chennai

Ram Infotech offers the most reliable and timely Broken Laptop Service, through which all kinds of damages like damage to the plastic panel, partially or fully broken panel, damages to the hinges or any kinds of structural deformations can be corrected. You can get your broken laptop repaired in record time from Ram Infotech and our proficient team of experts. We provide all branded broken laptop services like Apple Laptop Service, dell laptop service ,hp laptop service ,lenovo laptop service,toshiba laptop service, acer laptop service in chennai.
One of the most popular laptop service centers in Chennai, Ram Infotech offers high-quality Broken Laptop Services for any make and model. Trust your sensitive and high-end laptops in the expert hands of professionals from Ram Infotech. We can also give a suitable finish to your laptops with the best painting jobs. We also can change the color of the existing laptops to offer a totally unique look.
Laptop service center in velachery

Availability of branches around the city :

We have 8 branches around the city!
  3. OMR
  4. PORUR
  6. ADYAR

Contact us !

No. 3, 1st Floor, 100 Feet Road, Velachery Bypass Road, Velachery, Chennai – 600042.Land Mark : Opposite to HP Petrol Bunk & Next to Poorvika Mobiles
Laptop service center in velachery

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