Know All About CLAT And How to Prepare for The Examination

Many students today want to pursue law and know that the exam that they need to prepare to get the best law college is CLAT which is the common law entrance test, marks of which is accepted by many prestigious law colleges in India.

Now many of you must have started preparing for the entrance test and must have moved on to giving CLAT mock test to get an idea of what the real exam going to be like and are attending various entrance coaching institutes. They are well prepared and are confident. While those who don’t know where to begin, I am here to rescue you. I gave my CLAT last year without any coaching preparation and trust me, you can do this. All you need is a well-prepared strategy.

Firstly, know what CLAT is. As said before, it is the entrance exam applicable for law colleges. But that is not it. It is a 2 hour long online exam conducted every year for L.L.B and L.L.M program which comprises of 200 objective questions. It has 5 sections-

  • English including Comprehension
  • General Knowledge
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
  • Legal Aptitude

Now that you know what CLAT asks, calculate the time required to study and incorporate it in the study plan keeping in mind the time you have left before the examination and study according to the current exam and syllabus pattern. Buy good books and collect the previous papers for practice. It is important to prepare as many past papers as possible to be familiar with the exam pattern. I did the same during my preparation and was one of the major reason I cracked it with good marks.

There are a lot of online mock tests available which can be used for practice. English language skills are important, thus make a habit of reading English newspapers and magazines to improve your vocabulary and other skills. This can also help build your knowledge on current affairs. Moreover, revise every day what you studied to be fully prepared.

In this examination, time management skills are important. Thus, prepare yourself well by timing how much time you take in solving each section and where you can improve. Remember, do not rush as there is 25% negative marking for each wrong answer. The questions in CLAT are divided as follows-

  • English including Comprehension – 40Q
  • General Knowledge – 50Q
  • Elementary Mathematics – 20Q
  • Aptitude and Logical Reasoning – 40Q
  • Legal Aptitude – 50Q

Use the knowledge above to see where you require more time to solve and study accordingly to solve the questions with minimum time.

Remember, there are a lot of good guide books available in the market for you to study from. Do not be stressed about the time you have left and start strategizing of how you can make the best of it. Even during the examination, approach the question with a calm mind and you will do great. Lastly, All the best!

The author is a second year law student studying in a prominent university. The author gave their common law entrance test last year and has a good idea on how to prepare for such examinations. The author believes that CLAT mock tests are important to crack the exam. Further, the author believes that it is the young India which can make the legal system and India progress even further.

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