Kara group is an organization whose vision goes beyond the scope of most companies within its domain. However, it is an upcoming company that has its specialty in textile products as well as provision and supply of uniforms in the health sector. As such, the company is the leading supplier of medical scrubs across the UK, mainly due to the availability of many shops countrywide. As stated in the vision statement, the main purpose of the company is to ensure that their commodities are available in the UK.

The company was founded in 1863 by John Horsfall and sons and it has ventured into the supply of textiles and clothing. However, the major market has been in the airline industry with supplies covering the various needs of the cabin crews. This venture has resulted in the company dealing with the biggest airliners in the world and as such, their reputation has always preceded their products. Regardless of the reputation of the airline industry, the healthcare sector is an intricate one that requires both trust and assurance. Trust and assurance have been garnered from the fact that the company has supplied blankets that have been used by hospitals and more to that, have established interweave textiles. The former has been a supplier of textile products for the healthcare sector in the year 1999 and therefore, the company has a background and the necessary experience in the healthcare sector.

The company has a number of goals under its sleeves with the main goal centered on the uniforms used in healthcare. These uniforms have always been baggy and ill-fitting but their supplies are customized to the stature and frames of the individual professions. The scrubs that are supplied by the company cover the different sex and include male, female and even unisex. However, the supply of unisex scrubs UK is of three types, with the price ranging from 18.49 euros to 19.99 euros and finally to 26.49 euros. The three types of unisex scrubs UK are: wonderwork V-neck top, wonderwork drawstring cargo trouser and wonderwork snap front jacket. The supply can either be individually or to a group.

Regarding the women and nurses, there are a number of supplies of nurses scrubs UK and nurses uniforms UK. Wonderwink is the brand of supply for most of the commodities and it is, therefore, no surprise that all of the aforementioned scrubs and uniforms are branded wonderwork. Wonderwink is based in the United States but it is the best partner that the company has. The uniforms and scrubs that are supplied for the nurses range from tops to trousers and to jackets. Therefore, there is a wide variety of supplies for the nurses scrubs UK and nurses uniform UK.

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