Is Marketing extremely required to offer quality items

There’s a saying by Nick Besbeas of LinkedIn fame that “Today it’s important to be present, be relevant and add value.” Your quality product sure adds value to the customers’ choice and money. But marketing that quality product ensures that its presence and relevance remain intact in customers’ minds.

Nowadays, Marketing has become an integral part of any business. In fact, marketing of products in this modern era has lot of aspects associated with it. With the development of technological miracles, digital marketing has become very effective tool for marketing. For example, in 2014 Parliamentary election, the BJP adopted various strategies/approaches and during these strategic formations BJP experimented with digital marketing and social media marketing techniques quite effectively.

Despite the fact that Mr. Narendra Modi was an effective leader, marketing him effectively was very much fruitful. We can apply this analogy for marketing of good-quality products as well. Quality products will almost always satisfy the customers. But, marketing the quality products will increase the brand- awareness for them leading to capture larger customer base to use the products. And, as the products are of good quality, it will always help to increase the product sales. As we know quality is defined by the producer but it is ultimately judged by the customer so it is very necessary to market the quality product

Generally a simple perspective people used to follow while selling a quality product is that “A good product sells itself and selling is easy” but it is a big myth, especially the product experts/technical experts of the companies never give credit to the marketing and selling practices of that product. They feel that if products are technically strong, fulfilling the needs, then marketing will be of zero use.

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