Introduction to UI Automation

What is UiPath Studio?

UiPath Studio is a total programming arrangement that empowers you to computerize your back office tedious assignments. It changes over repetitive assignments into finish UI computerization, along these lines, making your work less demanding and quicker.

Work process Designer

UiPath Workflow Designer accompanies a visual method for setting up computerization utilizing flowcharts and outlines. It enables you to make a Workflow that will enable you to show procedures of your business tasks. They are an incredible method to setup mechanization with practically no learning about programming.

The crates and shapes speak to every action procedure. The bolt shows the request of the execution and the orange triangle gives you a chance to branch the work process contingent upon various information sources.


An Activity is a bit of activity you can include your work process – like tapping the OK catch or writing a content in an information box. Action box is found on the left board.

A movement is included into the work process by dragging it to the architect workspace.

Another approach to include exercises into your work process is by utilizing the Record catch. It consequently includes exercises based the moves you have made on your work area applications amid the account.

Introduction to UiPath

This video is an introduction of our RPA stage. It highlights three principle items:

  • UiPath Studio – a propelled device that empowers you to outline robotization forms in a visual way, through graphs.
  • UiPath Robot – executes the procedures worked in Studio, as a human would. Robots can work unattended (keep running without human supervision in any condition, be it virtual or not) or as partners (a human triggers the procedure).
  • UiPath Orchestrator – a web application that empowers you to send, timetable, screen and oversee Robots and procedures, while business special case taking care of is accessible through brought together work lines.

In this instructional exercise you will take in a considerable measure of essential data about the three applications exhibited above, and catchphrases utilized with these.

Work process Types and Activities

Various sorts of work processes are accessible in Studio (groupings, flowcharts and value-based business forms) that assistance you fabricate your computerization work process as per your requirements.

To make these work processes, you require exercises (activities that you use to mechanize applications, for example, clicking and composing). Around 300 of these exercises exist, and they empower you to communicate with internet browsers, work area applications, PDFs, pictures, databases, terminals, Excel spreadsheets, email accounts and numerous others, while you can likewise effortlessly make HTTP and SOAP asks.

Recorder Functionality

The least demanding way to make work processes is by utilizing the record highlight. Four kinds of accounts are accessible: Basic, Desktop, Web and Citrix. The initial two can enable you to computerize work area applications, while the others empower you to legitimately deal with web applications and virtual situations.

Variables and .Net Functions

A variable empowers you to store an esteem, yet just of a specific kind. Notwithstanding these, .Net capacities can likewise be utilized to improve your robotization, for example, .Trim which expels the spaces from the earliest starting point and end of a string, or .ToString which changes a specific sort of factor into a string.

Robots and Orchestrator

Robots, the UiPath agents, can interface with a lot of uses in a similar time. An illustration is given in the video.

Orchestrator, the last bit of the confound, is utilized to deal with different sent Robots. This kind of condition is generally found in vast ventures, that need to computerize numerous business forms. The primary thing you have to do in this web application is enroll your Robot(s). From that point onward, you have to gather them together in a situation.

Work processes distributed to this stage must be connected to a situation, and from that point, you begin executing: be it at the present time or in light of a customly-characterized plan.

You can run a procedure on one or different Robots, a predefined number of them or on every one of the Robots that are assembled in a domain.

Resources and Queues

Since Robots may need to share data, an extraordinary sort of factors are presented in Orchestrator, resources. These empower you to store data (counting certifications) in the web application’s database, with the goal that changing an esteem that is utilized as a part of different procedures turns out to be simple, and numerous Robots can approach it.

UiPath likewise makes utilization of work lines to disperse the heap of a value-based process among different Robots. They can be booked to start previously or after a specific date, and itemized data contained in each line thing can be seen.

Logs, Audit, Alerts and Others

In the Logs tab you can without much of a stretch perceive how the Robots performed, what occupations were finished or fizzled. Moreover, every progression completed by the client can be inspected, and cautions are sent by email to each one of the individuals who have the required consents.

At last, parts administration is accessible, alongside other decent highlights, for example, bringing in clients from an Active Directory gathering, part up mechanization forms among groups through different inhabitants, and showing data in perfect outlines.

Activities, Variables and Data Types

  • The UiPath Studio interface
  • Activities board – contains every one of the activities we have to mechanize distinctive applications – like clicking and writing – and other information preparing activities
  • Workflow Designer – this is the place you fabricate your mechanization venture
  • Properties board – where you can change distinctive parameters and settings of the chose movement
  • Differences amongst Flowcharts and Sequences
  • Types of factors, their degree and how they are utilized as a part of a work process
  • Common exercises and activities
  • To make certain you see the greater part of this, a straightforward case of a work process that goes an incentive through a variable is made, and you are urged to recreate it.

Control Flow

Utilizing Loops

Circles are structures used to computerize dreary assignments.

In flowcharts, the least difficult kinds of circles can be made by interfacing a specific point in our work process to an eariler execution one.

In groupings, there are extraordinary exercises (or compartments) that rehash the activity that is inside the body area.

The While and Do While circles work by rehashing the a given arrangement of activities from the body while the predefined condition is valid. The main distinction between the two is the request in which the 2 components are executed:

  • While – if the condition is met, the arrangement of activities in the body are executed.
  • Do While – the activities are executed and after that, if the condition is met, the activities are executed once more.

The For Each circle works by emphasizing through a rundown of things, one thing at any given moment, and executing whatever activities are in the body of the activity.

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