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A revolutionary start-up, one of its kinds, AUTOBOT INDIA (ABI) is revolutionizing the way our education systems works. India, the land of knowledge and culture, can boast of having one of the oldest education systems in the world. But even after repeated overhauls this 5th-century education system, one that originated in one of the world oldest university, the Nalanda University, isn’t able to keep pace with the growing demands of the 21st century.

This is where the ABI a Noida based emerging global company comes into the picture. AUTOBOT INDIA offers cutting edge 360-degree professional training solutions for corporate, academic institutions and the youths who intend to pursue motorsports as their career. The 360-degree program includes training to enhance the technical skills, fundamental knowledge and communication skills. It also includes hands-on training, corporate communication development, industry culture development, enhance one’s understanding of industry etc. ABI offers specialized and tailor-made services in higher education and Practical Learning Approach (PLA) solutions for the academics worldwide. Specialized in Green Energy and Electric Vehicle Technology Solutions, ABI serves in very diverse form of technical and educational training programs for both corporate and academics.

AUTOBOT INDIA’s vision is to stay innovative, sustainable and offer one-stop solution platform for the educational institutes worldwide. The organization is established based on the past corporate experience of its founding members where they realized that there is a huge gap that exists in between institutes and industries. The knowledge gained in Institutes isn’t sufficient to make an individual employable. Thus to act as a bridge and bridge this gap between the two ABI was created. The start-up intends to create an eco-system where the students can meet the requirements of the industry. The firm intends to do so by giving them the practical knowledge that is required to survive in the industry, mentoring them, involving them in live projects, providing international internships, developing an R&D culture in them at an academic level by integrating technology and right learning approach.

The Noida based start-up intends to create a single window platform for the training and development programs (online and offline) right from the school level to the industry level. In line with this ABI has a set of programs in the area of the electric vehicle, Lithium-ion battery design, Finite Element Method, Vehicle Design and Dynamics, AI and Machine Learning etc.

This unique establishment boasts of a team of highly qualified experts and intends to use their expertise in their respective field to empower students and engineering communities towards innovation and research. The firm intends to revamp the theory led education system into practical driven education structure.

With a board of advisors having recognised personalities like Dr. Nitin Arora, Mr. V. Venketraman, Mr. Pankaj Dubey each of them having years of experience in their own field. This Noida based start-up intends to do, something that will bring the Indian Universities at par with their Global counterparts in terms of quality of education, research etc. The custom build curriculum intends to create employable graduates and empowers the industry.

With a clear roadmap ahead ABI aims at promoting and establishing “makers” concept among the learning communities worldwide by 2020, transform India as a prominent R&D destination at academic level by 2025 and to finally by 2030 revamp the theory led education system into practical driven education structure by integrating PLA and AERIC model across every academic institutions in the world.

ABI points out that with the emergence of motorsports awareness in the country and the major industry players stepping in, this is the perfect time for the young generation to pursue it as a career and AUTOBOT INDIA intends to guide them by giving them the right knowledge they need to achieve success in this field.

So far ABI has conducted 10 programs since January 2018 which includes programs at Jain University, Techno NJR India, Sharda University and 3 Boot Camp at ABI Innovation Center, where ABI organized their first professional training program on electric vehicles in Jain University, Bangalore.

Dr. Pankaj Porewal, Principal, Techno NJR India Institute of Technology, Udaipur said the corporation with ABI was really fruitful. In the 2-week long program all the aspects of SAE BAJA’s ATV design was covered, which includes but not limited to programs for design of frames, suspension, inline-roll cage etc. He says, “Our students gained a good amount of knowledge, one that isn’t included in the University syllabus”.

AUTOBOT INDIA is working hard round the clock to empower the country’s future i.e. its youth, by using their unique PLA model. Machine Maker is proud to bring the story of this start-up to the entire world.

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