How to stay safe at the water park?

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Water parks across the world are hot spots for people to cool off and beat the heat in the summer. People love visiting water parks to relax and enjoy water sports adventures available there such as water slides, cooling sprays, waves, and wild rides. But in between all these adventures, the most important thing is to stay safe and we often forget about it. So, before you head off to a water park, check out the below-mentioned ten ways to stay safe.

● Dress up appropriately

When you visit a water park, you are going to be outside in the heat, for most of the day. Therefore, you must dress appropriately to avoid getting sunburned, experiencing heat stroke or getting dehydrated. This includes wearing water shoes, sunglasses, a hat and a loose-fitting t-shirt when you need a break from the water.

● Wear sunscreen

Apart from appropriate dressing, be sure to apply waterproof sunscreen around 30 minutes before you arrive at the park and re-apply it multiple times throughout the day. Waterproof sunscreen usually stays composed for around 80 minutes if you’ve been in the water, especially if you have dried yourself off with a towel in between applications.

● Stay hydrated

Being under the sun throughout the day and playing in the water can get your body dehydrated very quickly. So, drink plenty of water and try avoiding any caffeinated sodas or drinks that contain artificial sweeteners. As these beverages increase the chances of dehydration, water is always your best option to consume. As you are continuously exposed to direct sunlight and will sweat a lot, you will need to consume more water than usual.

● Always keep an eye on your kids

If you are visiting with your children, make sure to keep a close eye on them and monitor how much time they are spending in direct sunlight. You need to figure out where your kids are at all times at the water park. Even though there will be a lifeguard on duty, do not depend completely on them. Always watch your kids when they are in the water or be in the water with them. Lifeguards are responsible for scanning large areas and may sometimes miss out on things.

● Know the “too’s”

There are four “too’s” that can quickly turn into dangerous circumstances if not observed correctly. Do not get too cold, too tired, too far from safety or too exposed to the sun. If you notice your kids mentioning any of these things or if your instincts tell you the family has been in the sun for too long, prefer taking a break in a shady spot or going indoors.

● Always wear a life vest

According to a survey, 30 per cent of parents think floaties are an accurate substitute for supervision. No matter how old your children are, a life vest should be worn and an adult should always supervise at all times.

● Know the safety rules

Different adventure water parks have different rules, therefore, be sure to read all posted signs before sending your kids off to enjoy the fun. Parks are also equipped with different features and slides, each appropriate for different ages. Remember to read all the safety procedures and precautions relating to height, age, swimming ability and medical condition. Make sure to follow the rules and ask the lifeguards or staff if you have any queries.

● Do not run around the pool

It is usual to get caught up in the excitement but is also important to remember not to run around the park for keeping everyone safe. Running on slippery surfaces or sidewalks can be dangerous. Avoid any unnecessary trip to the emergency room for stitches or a broken leg by simply walking apart from running while being in the water park.

● Know how to swim

Every member of your family should at least know the swimming basics before visiting the water park. The best safety measure for anyone to stay safe in the water is to know how to swim well. Both adults, as well as kids, should know how to swim to avoid drowning accidents. If you do not have a backyard pool in your house, consider signing up yourself and your kids for swimming classes to learn it.

● Keep children in shallow areas

Different areas in a water park have varying water depth levels. Keep young kids and toddlers in the shallow areas. Most water parks also have zero-depth entry pool that consists of sprays, fountains and water games that may be better suited for your younger ones than going on any of the water slides or in the pool.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning to visit a water park with your loved ones, consider the above-mentioned safety measures to experience an unharmed trip. Aqua Splash Water Park is one of the best water parks in DR Congo where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. So be ready to experience an unforgettable day full of adventure and pleasure.