How To Select The Best Poker Chips Set?

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Poker chips are an essential component of a poker kit. Although poker chips may appear as small and petite round discs, they represent monetary value. Hence, they are considered quite a necessary commodity in the poker game. When used inside a casino or domestic gaming environment, poker chips convey the same importance and value as real currencies.

In this write-up, we are going to discuss what poker chips are, their history and how to select the best poker chips set for your poker game night.

What are poker chips?

Poker chips are round discs that are made out of different materials such as clay, plastic, ceramic, metal, etc. Online poker store offers a wide range of poker chip colours including red, green, blue, black, yellow, white, black, etc. The difference in colours signifies a particular value as each colour has a different poker chip value or amount of money.

Poker chips may or may not have any design or pattern on them. The difference in design holds importance as it augments the appearance of the poker chip set and also provides a distinct identity to players in the poker game.

The history of poker chips

The use of poker chip sets in place of money is a concept for several centuries and has a fascinating history. It is said that poker chips were first introduced and used in China in the 9th century under the rule of The Tang Dynasty. During that time, materials such as bone, ivory and wood were used to manufacture the chips. Alongside playing card games, these chips were also used for various other purposes. Today, these chips are still being used in almost the same form in a variety of different games.

The culture of using poker chips in card games became more popular in the 1800s in the continents of Europe and the United States. Gradually, they started representing the monetary value in various casino games. As poker games and chip sets gained more popularity, manufacturers started to mass-produce poker chips using celluloid materials. Celluloid became popular among poker chip set manufacturers because of its capability to mould into interesting shapes easily and was inexpensive as well.

Today, poker chips have become a significant part of every casino as well as many households all over the world.

How to select a poker chip set?

If you want to select the best poker chip set for your home game and are confused about whether to go for a cheap option or a premium one, you need to first assess the pros and cons of both.

If you are not interested in spending more or have a strict budget criterion, inexpensive poker chips would be a better option for you. On the other hand, expensive poker chips are more suitable for people who want durable chip sets made out of high-quality material that can match their usage. Most of the time, an expensive chip set includes a full set of playing cards, dealer buttons, a carry case, etc.

Poker chips are also available in a wide range of weights and designs. The ideal weight is considered between 8 gm to 10 gm. Lightweight chips become easier to handle and are simple to carry as well. As per the design of the poker chip is concerned, you can go for several options such as a logo of your company or casino, some basics such as the name of the chip, a chip exhibiting the value of the chip and much more. If you want a premium design option with more intricate fractals and holograms, that is available too.

Finally, there is also an option to get a custom-made poker chip set as well, which will help you add a personality to your poker game. Many poker chip manufacturers offer the option to personalise your poker chip set that can demonstrate your name, initials, company name and more to imitate real casino chips. Explore your options and find the best one that matches your budget.

Wrapping up

It is always a good idea to play with poker chips instead of real cash. Apart from better safety, poker chips also promise benefits such as a better way of holding, neat stacking, ease to carry, the interesting sound of clicking and clacking, etc. So before buying a poker chip set from a poker shop online, it’s important to know the things mentioned above and make the best purchase.

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