How To Select The Best Perfume For Women

Perfume is a part of your personality. Its fragrance becomes one of your identifying traits. So, you have to be aware of several things about it while buying. Mostly, buyers refer to the list of best fragrances for women to get an idea about the products available in the market.

But, if you want detailed information about how to buy the top perfumes for women, and what makes those better than the others, here is a quick guide.

  1. Test the perfumes on the basis of their fragrance cycle.

For the uninitiated, every woman’s fragrance has a cycle that starts right from the hitting of the spray on the skin or cloth and ends when the last whiff of it is gone. This cycle is divided into notes called base note, medium note, and the top note. The top note is the smell that reaches the nose as soon as the perfume is sprayed. It lasts for about 15 minutes to two hours. It is followed by the medium note. This is the main body of the fragrance and tells you what the long-lasting part of the smell is. The last part of the fragrance cycle is the base note. The base note stays the longest and is the smell that remains in the body part of cloth till it is evaporated completely.

The best fragrance for women is the one that changes the fragrance with the time. To get hold of such perfumes, do not depend upon the sales copy of the perfume shop holder. In fact, spray the small amount of perfume on yourself, and go out of the shop. Spend some time; say about an hour or two running other errands. Then, smell the perfume again. If the spray smells like what you are looking for, that is the scent you need.

  1. Do not smell many perfumes in one go

The best perfume for women mostly has a very strong top note. It smells good and a bit refreshing long after it is sprayed. The smell does change with time. So, if you spray multiple fragrances in one go, the mixture of smells may be too overwhelming. It is quite likely to leave you confused. Just take a clue from the salesperson about the strength of the perfume, to start with. Also, try not to buy the perfume on the very first visit. Have one whiff, come out of the perfume section and do other things. You may also choose going out of the mall for some time before trying other perfumes. This helps you find the real base note of the smell and make a decision accordingly. All these efforts seem time-consuming, but do pay you back well. The compliments you receive for smelling good are sure to make you happy about the sincerity you poured in buying the product.

  1. Do not get overwhelmed by the top note

When you smell the perfume, it is the top note that you sense as mentioned earlier. So, buying the perfume simply on the basis of the top note can turn out to be a bad decision. Many designer perfumers suggest living with the perfume by keeping tester sticks with you for a considerable time. If you spray the perfume directly on the body, you might get confused about where you sprayed it. Thus, the tester stick is a fool-proof option. It also helps you in finding the correct smell and in avoiding the decision based on the top note.

So, this is how one has to shop for the perfume. The tips mentioned above really work and can be followed when you are updating your perfume collection for some big event.


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