How To Avoiding Boredom and Loneliness While Travelling

Can I tell you the truth?
Traveling sometimes can be boring, especially when you’re on the journey all by yourself with no buddy in sight. No friend to laugh with, no acquaintance to chat with, and no certainty to when the loneliness will end.

An experience that ought to be fun and memorable sometimes becomes sour and detestable. And the traveler: pitiable.

On other hand, if you have a buddy somewhere in the picture, you’ll feel excited with every minute of your trip. What a priceless feeling! positions you for some of the good memories, especially those that borders on company, you can ever ask for from a travel experience, and avoid some of the bad nightmares other travelers face on their trips. is a social network strictly for travelers; here they connect as buddies. Aside the fact that it’s free to register on the site, there are possible favor members may enjoy from others on the platform—an added reason for you to own an account there if you’re a traveler.

You’ll Never Travel alone!
Unless you choose to travel alone of course, helps you connect with other travelers from around the globe. That is, you can meet travelers heading your way, perhaps from your location, or meet travelers with the same destination as yours to share fun time with and feed-off each other’s energy, and as such, make your trip more
memorable. Respite for (Home alone)

Are you living alone and in dear need of company?
Through , you can meet travelers coming to your town and offer to host them at your place either for the company or for a fee (rent). Speak of a fun way to make new friends!

Online and offline connection

The social network lets strangers connect online and meet up in person. Something that’s rare on other social networks. BuddyTraveller connects total strangers, travelers in most cases, to help them build a physical connection. That is, the other person is not just a profile picture; you get to meet them in person when you travel together or meet-up at a place once you’ve connected on the website.

On the cool side of things Once travelers connect on the platform, a lot of good things can happen.

A stranded traveler in desperate need of help for one reason or the other will easily get help from other travelers on the platform or maybe meet up with other travelers at his/her location and get the needed help. Not only that, travelers can travel free, all-expense paid by the buddy, with no strings attached.

Also, travelers can get a place to stay, in cities around the world without paying a dime. That is, easily find people willing to host you free or you can also be the one hosting people free.


While traveling can be fun, it is much better when shared with a buddy. Relishing a trip’s experience with a buddy won’t hurt anybody. Connect with like-minded people on

Trade the life of solitude travelling; travel with somebody or meet-up with them. Sign-up on to get started.

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