How do terrace waterproofing products work?

The wide variety of terrace waterproofing methods often helps it be difficult to pick a right terrace waterproofing system or waterproofing in Kolkata. A few of the deciding factors are insulation requirements; availability of proper slope; available contractors preference; condition of a structure. Here are a few popular waterproof methods and their procedures.

Integral Waterproofing:

Unlike methods which can be applied after concrete pour, Integral terrace waterproofing makes the concrete impervious by adding chemical admixtures through the concrete making. You will find 3 types of integral terrace waterproofing systems by various waterproofing in Kolkata on the basis of the process by that your admixture reaches waterproofing.

  • Hydrophobic admixture based: Cement contains calcium ions. The water-repellent or Hydrophobic admixtures terrace waterproofing products reacts with the calcium ions to form a water-repellent within the pores and blocks the pores. This technique makes the concrete less absorbent of water and prevents water ingress.
  • Densifying admixture based: Concrete may be produced with a low water-cement ratio with a densifying admixture building a less permeable and low absorption concrete. This process makes the concrete waterproof.
  • Crystalline admixture based: The crystalline admixtures forms crystalline composites and blocks the capillary pores. This process makes the concrete waterproof.

Your choice to choose the integral waterproofing system by waterproofing in Kolkata and choosing the admixtures, procurement of the merchandise etc. need to be finalized before actual pouring of concrete. Many a period this could indeed knock off month or two from the project completion.


  • Design the concrete mix with the proposed integral waterproofing admixture to determine optimum dosage.
  • Add the admixture with the water by means of a calibrated dispenser to the concrete ingredients.
  • Lay the concrete and cure well much like any other concrete.


Injury to the outer lining will not alter terrace waterproofing properties. Whereas, in other forms of waterproof coatings, utmost care is necessary never to damage the protective coating.

Does not require another schedule for waterproofing activity resulting in savings to project completion time.

Brickbat coba waterproofing:

The brickbat coba is useful for terrace waterproofing by waterproofing in Kolkata of RCC flat roofs. It holds brickbats on roofs keeping a powerful slope and then grouting the same with mortar mixed with waterproofing compounds. This method has become out of favour and many choose superior alternative methods and better products from leading providers.

Procedure:  Surface preparation:  Thoroughly clean the outer lining free of loose materials and dust

Slurry or mortar preparation:  Blend the cement with waterproofing compound (if in powder form) or water blended with waterproofing compound (if in liquid form) and prepare the mortar. In the entire Brickbat Coba procedure, wherever slurry or mortar is employed, it shall be used blended with terrace waterproofing compound only.

  • The first layer (sub-base): Dampen the outer lining and apply slurry with brush including in all joints
  • The second layer (base): Apply 25 mm thick cement mortar in 1 cement: 4 sand ratio while the first coat is still green.
  • The third layer (brickbat): Place with hand 40 to 75 mm thick brickbats with 15 mm thick mortar packed below the brickbat over the 2nd layer. Leave suitable gaps between brickbats. Cure the outer lining for 24 hours. After 24 hours curing, apply slurry and fill the gaps between brickbats with 1 cement: 4 mortar.
  • The fourth layer (Protective layer): Apply 20 mm thick cement mortar in 1 cement: 4 sand ratio while the next layer is still green. Finish the outer lining smooth with cement slurry.
  • Test the treated surface by making bunds with cement mortar and flooding the water. Keep consistently the water for a minimum of two weeks. Observe for just about any leaks.


  • Maintaining slope is simple
  • Workforce easily available particularly in interior area
  • Provides heat insulation
  • High wear and tear resistance
  • Cracks will not occur easily as a result of temperature variations. This will, consequently, prevents leakages. Putting china chips on the top can further prevent cracks formation due to thermal variation.

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