How do Switch Words work? How Are Switch Words Used?

Words called switch words let you quickly alter the dimension on which your energy is focused. It implies that language has the ability to alter your energy. Switch words can be created from any word. Any word has the potential to turn into a switchword. Therefore, it is easy to understand why those words are referred to as switch words for you because they have the ability to alter your energy.

Many mantras in Buddhism and Hinduism are generated using seed mantras, such as the Ganesh Mantra “Aum Shreem Hreem Kleem.” Seed mantras like Shreem, Hreem, Kleem, etc. are used to develop Glaum Gam Ganapataye Vara Varada Sarva Janamme Vashamanaya Svaha. In English, all switch words are seed mantras.


Learn About Them Through Examples from Real Life:
1. A woman’s husband could be a changeable character. His attractive appearance, compassionate character, upbeat attitude, or silky voice—any of these things—can alter her mood.
2. A mother’s child may change who she is. Her energy can change in response to his or her happy expression or an embrace, a victory in a contest, or a peaceful nap on a mother’s lap.
3. Friends may be useful switch people as well. Your energy might change merely by looking at them or by thinking about a friend. In times of need, their warmth, a firm hug, and caring demeanour can serve as reminders of these emotions.
4. An idol of a deity is a significant object for a religious person or follower. You can change their energy by praying to them, going to see them, engaging in spiritual activities, or engaging in worship.
5. You are aware that a true follower will not take his or her master’s statements at face value.

How do switchwords work?

What impact do switch words have on our lives?
I’ll outline a total of six ways in which a word might change the state of your energy. Each individual has three different mental states. Positive, negative, and neutral are the three. Each word has some influence, and the examples in the list below will help you evaluate them:

  1. When a person is really negative, the switchword GOLDEN SUNRISE can rapidly transform his or her energy system, aura, circumstance, and surroundings.
  2. Positive energy to neutral energy, i.e., when someone is extremely negative, saying the word “SMILE” can assist, albeit briefly. Defusing words are those that have this function. They frequently neutralise your bad energy, but they can’t generate a lot of positive energy.
  3. When a person is in a regular mood, the word RAINBOW can activate that mood and boost up their energy system, aura, circumstance, and surroundings. For example, when a person is in a neutral mood.
  4. When a person hears the word “danger,” their energy can change from neutral to negative, for example, becoming sad and afraid.
  5. Positive energy to neutral energy, for example: When a person is in a good mood, tragic news on TV or in the papers might temporarily lower their energy into a worried mood.

What Advantages Do Switch Words Offer?

  • They are incredibly simple to understand and use.
  • Unlike many other therapeutic techniques, they are not dirty.
  • No need for inventiveness with them.
  • There is no ambiguity over which tense to employ, as you must in affirmations, because they are similar to single-word affirmations.
  • There is no need to learn lengthy decrees and affirmations while using them (in affirmation we can affirm in different tenses and there are many opinions regarding which tense you should affirm in).
  • Switch words are words that, when used to change someone’s frequency, can take someone from a low frequency to a desired high frequency.
  • They do a fantastic job of influencing the subconscious mind and can produce the desired result.
  • PROXY chanting is a method for healing other people.
  • To get the desired outcomes, it’s critical to use the proper switch words.

You can make ANY of the Bach Flower Remedies, Colors, Exclamatory Words, Wow Feelings, or Name of Deity into a Switchword.