Horoscope Matching for Marriage

The Horoscope matching could be an important method before a boy marries a woman. Through horoscope matching, the transition of their individual life into a family life (also called Grahastha Jeevan in India) is studied. These days this method is additional vital because the attribute is being additional unpredictable and also the marriages are breaking over the sooner time. With the ever ever-changing atmosphere and also the behavior of the society the success rate of the marriages has dramatically reduced. The study of the horoscopes not solely will increase the probabilities of the success of the marriages however additionally avoids the incompatibility problems by letting us know if the 2 are compatible or not.


There are eight tests in total whereas matching the horoscopes of the boy and also the lady who square measure marrying. Every of those tests generate scores that tells us what’s the compatibility between the 2 for that individual parameter. the utmost of the full score is 36 for all the tests that are created on the 2 horoscopes. If the full score is less than 18 for the boy and also the lady, the wedding isn’t thought of appropriate.


Checking the compatibility is as below:


1) Varna test or the Mental Compatibility test-


This take a look at tells us the compatibilities of the talents} and also the abilities of the 2 persons getting into the relation. The utmost score for this take a look at is one that says the boy and also the lady are compatible. This take a look at has classified personalities within the following parts:


  1. a) Brahmin – these are thought of the philosophers.
  2. b) Warrior – these are thought of the leaders and also the rulers of the society.
  3. c) Vaishya – these are thought of because the business category folks that perform the economic functions.
  4. d) Shudra – these are thought of to be the labors or the folks that work flat out that reflects that they’re manufacturers of the society.


2) Vasya test or the facility compatibility test-


In this test the utmost score that may be achieved is two. This test is taken for the understanding that of the 2 would be the dominating within the married life? once more the individuals are categorised in five classes here. These are


  1. a) Manav – called Humans who have their own read and individual identity.
  2. b) Vanchar – called the animal or the jungle creatures that are thought of higher within the environmental food chain like tigers.
  3. c) Chatushpada – called the less powerful creatures who also are lower within the food chain, like sheep.
  4. d) Jalchar – These are the creature of the water and once more they need their own house and influence around them.
  5. e) Keet – These are usually very cheap within the food chain and are vital a part of the balance within the nature’s system.


The match among them is that the most vital because the results of this take a look at tells United States if the 2 will survive together?


3) Tara test or the Birth star test-


Allowing the utmost of the score three, this test helps in creating several of the marriages roaring. The eight values for the stars are Janama, Sampat, Vipata, Kshema, Pratyari, Sadhaka, Vadha, Mitra and Ati-mitra. These tell us the relationship between the 2 stars of the boy and also the lady and tell us if they might friendly behavior with one another.


4) Yoni test –


This test generates the score for the sexual compatibility of the boy and also the lady. the utmost score that may be achieved is four and this score symbolizes the biological compatibility, love and sympathy level. There are fourteen different animal characteristics that classify a personality’s being, these are:


Ashwa (Horse), Gaja (Elephant), Mesha (Ram), Sarpa (Serpent), Swan (Dog), Marjarah (Tom/Cat),

Mushika (Rat), Gau (Cow), Mahisha (Buffalo), Vyagrah(Tiger), Mriga (Deer), Vanara(Monkey), Nakula (Mongoose), and Singha (Lion)


5) Grah Maitri test-


This test has the utmost value of five. This test is for conniving the relationship between the planets of the boy and also the girl’s horoscopes. if this test score additional, this is able to tell us that 2 individuals would have a cheerful married life. There are seven planets that are thought of because the rulers of the horoscopes are as below: surya, Chandra, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani.


6) Gana test-


This test is additionally called test of compatibility of the natures of the 2 horoscopes. the utmost price of this test is six. This test additionally classify the person in 3 broad classes that are:


Maunshya, Devata, and also the Rakshasa. If this take a look at produces higher price, the chance of the compatibility of the boy and also the lady are terribly high. There are excellent chanced that the wedding of the 2 would achieve success.


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