Here’s How Your Dirty Carpet Can Slowly Kill You And Your Family

Apart from enhancing the appearance of your home, carpets improve a place’s insulation and acoustics. More importantly, they help keep your loved ones — especially your kids — safe from slip-and-fall accidents.

Certainly, carpets are a dependable household item. But if left uncleaned and improperly maintained, they can be the very thing that can put your family’s health at risk. This is why homeowners are advised to do carpet cleaning Edinburgh regularly — whether this job is done by the owners themselves or by professional cleaners.

In case you haven’t cleaned your carpets for some time now, here are some reasons to compel you to put this task on top of your to-do list:

Carpets are dirt- and residue-magnet

Carpets go through a lot every day. A huge chunk of the populace (75% to be exact) admit to walking on them with their shoes on. If you have kids and/or pets at home, chances are, they are spending a plenty of time playing or running around carpets. Therefore, it is inevitable for carpet fibers to attract dirt and residues.

Dirty carpets are a haven for germs

Apart from the dirt that comes from the residents of your home, air pollutants like bacteria, pollen and fungi can also reside in your prized carpets. Though not visible to the naked eye, these microorganisms can weaken you and your loved ones’ immune system if carpet cleaning Edinburgh and sanitation are not habitually done.

Respiratory and skin problems can be triggered

Dirt and other microorganisms on your carpet can also trigger skin and respiratory diseases like athlete’s foot and asthma. If you have open wounds, bacteria and fungi will find their way inside your body. They can also be inhaled and cause lung problems exhibited through flu-like symptoms.

Unpleasant odors can arise

Filthy carpets aren’t only a health hazard. If not cleaned, they can produce pungent, unpleasant odors over time. This won’t only cause a problem among your household; visitors and neighbors can also get the impression of you being unhygienic.

Dirty carpets are bad for your furniture, too

Dirty carpets don’t only directly affect you and your family. Dirt and residues that build up on your carpet can extend to the furniture near them, causing their early wear-and-tear. If you want to prolong the life both of your carpets and your appliances, regularly cleaning your carpets is something that shouldn’t be put aside.

Keeping Your Carpet Clean

For carpets to be kept clean, vacuuming it once a week is ideal. However, depending on how busy your household is (read: your carpets receive higher foot traffic than the usual), it is advised to vacuum it twice or thrice a week.

In cases of accidents (e.g. Food spilling over the carpet, water has seeped into your house because of flooding), you must immediately take action. Delaying resolving the issue can ultimately lead to total carpet replacement.

To be fully assured that deep-seated dirt and residues are removed and huge carpet concerns are taken cared of, calling for professional carpet cleaning Edinburgh services is the best option there is.
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