Hair Transplant Cost Pakistan comparison

If you are considering a more drastic permanent measure to solve your hair loss or baldness problem, you should read this article to fully understand hair transplant cost in Pakistan and the risk involved.

In the past, hair restoration surgery has been expensive and the quality of the grafts wasn’t better as available today. But the prices of these grafts have dropped, partly due to the competitive nature of the hair loss market. Many hair loss treatment clinics have opened. With more clinics available and easy access to the Internet, these prices can continue to fall further.

With this competition has also emerged an improvement in results, so they are thicker and can seem fuller. A good factor is that today’s sessions are longer than they used to be. Before hair transplant cost in Pakistan is approximately $4 per graft and would only do a few hundred grafts in a small session.

To determine exactly how many grafts you would need, a consultation with one of the doctors in Pakistan would be required. Be sure to visit more than one clinic so you can compare prices and surgical procedures. Some of the clinics offer monthly financing. The cost can be based on graft or per session.

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan usually ranges between $1 and $3 per graft. (Some people call them hair implants). Most clinics charge approximately $1 per graft. If you are going to have a longer surgical session, the price will decrease. It’s not likely you’ll find or want cheap treatment. If you decide to go ahead take some time to find a centre that is more affordable.

How does hair surgery compare with the cost of other treatments for hair loss? Hair surgery is expensive. It must look natural and last a life time. However, you want to make sure you understand all the risks involved. Ask many questions when you get a consultation. For example: “Do people have allergic reactions to the grafts or medicines used during the procedure?” And do people ever have to have the grafts removed?” If there are complications after surgery, you may end up paying for some health problems that increases the cost of the implants. Discover how this is handled.

It is not likely that your health insurance will pay for a hair surgery or for any medical complication. So be sure to go armed with questions and look carefully at the risk side. Ask for photos and get testimonials from another patient. Ask if you can talk to some of their patients. The final cost of hair grafting will depend on number of grafts you want and the clinic you choose. There is likely to be more competition in big cities, therefore, lower prices. So, if you are considering a procedure, it is important to seek several consultations, these are almost always free. Compare the costs, quality of work and experience of hair doctor.

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