Get the Most Expert DUI Attorneys at the Law Office of Jim Forslund

DUI case or the driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can cost you not just your driving license but also a heavy penalty. So if you wish to get the minimal disposition and also retain your license then it is a must that you look for the best DUI attorney available in Colorado.

The one name that stands out for their decades of experience, expert knowledge and high professionalism in the field of DUI cases is the Law Office of Jim Forslund.

About the Firm:

The Law Office of Jim Forslund was founded in the year 1991. The firm was soon accompanied by a colleague of Mr. Forslund who is Gary Pareja in the year 2005. Since then the firm has managed to possess a high repute in the field of DUI cases. The firm holds immense pride in their years of achievement and the high recommendation that they are renowned for. Most of their clients have even confessed about this firm being one of the most trusted teams of Boulder DUI Lawyer to be present in Colorado. The firm now has a team of expert lawyers who are known for their in-depth knowledge about how to tackle the DUI cases and get the minimal most dispositions for their clients.

Retaining Driving License:

One of the top most priorities of anybody booked with a DUI case is to retain their driver’s license. This is exactly what the highly professional and skilled team of attorneys of the Law Office of Jim Forslund are known for. They are known for their expert negotiation skills with the DA which has most often resulted in the acceptance of minimal disposition and retaining the driver’s license. The team of Boulder DUI lawyer of the Law Office of Jim Forslund review the case in details and come up with the best defense strategy than any other law firm available in Colorado. The trial defense preparation is quite vigorous of this team and this clearly reflects in the 100% success results offered by the attorney team of this firm.

The attorney team at the Law Office of Jim Forslund stands by their client during and after the trial or court sentencing. This has often made their clients feel confident during their court sessions and results have always been if you are looking for an expert Boulder DUI lawyer that can make the impossible possible by making the DUI case work in your favour then make sure to request a consultation at the Law Office of Jim Forslund and you won’t be disappointed for the least.

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