Foam Food Container Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2028

Global Foam Food Container Market – Overview:

Foam food container are disposable containers which are used for storing several food and beverages items. Foam food containers are mainly used for serving take-out food at restaurants or food outlets. Foam food containers are good thermal insulators which helps in keeping the food hot or cold for a longer time. In addition, another advantage of foam food container is that it can eliminate condensation and helps the food to be fresh. Furthermore, high insulation of foam food container makes them ideal for storing and transporting of food. Foam food container also helps in holding the food and prevent the spilling and leakage of liquid items in the food. Moreover, due to environmental issues related to the usage of foam products, many countries have banned the usage of Styrofoam and have started using biodegradable foam.

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Foam food container are mainly used for ready to eat food products which need to be consumed within 1-2 days. Foam food containers are mainly used in restaurants and food outlets which are mainly used for packaging of ready to eat food like burgers, sandwiches, hot dog, etc.

Global Foam Food Container Market – Key players:

Key players for foam food container market can be segmented based on Tier 1, Tier2 and Tier 3 based categories.

Tier 1 players:  Genpak, LLC, Dart Container Corporation, Biopac India Corporation Ltd., Landaal Packaging Systems, Inc., Harwal Group of Companies, etc.

Landaal Packaging Systems, Inc manufactures foam food containers which are mainly manufactured from biodegradable and compostable foam. Genpak LLC and Dart Container Corporation are few of the leading manufacturers of foam food containers market by revenue..

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Genpak LLC manufactures 16 types of foam food containers based on shape and size of the container for several food applications.

Dart Container Corporation mostly manufactures foam food containers made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Dart Container Corporation also provides printing capability for its 14 foam food containers products which it manufactures.

Tier 2 players:  Great Northern Corporation, Megafoam Containers Enterprise Sdn Bhd, Republic Plastics, Ltd., Styrotech Corporation, Packaging Resources Inc., Beltec Sdn bhd, Citi Pak LLC, etc.

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Tier 3 players:  Reach Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd., Di Xiang Trading Co., Ltd., Bestern Industry And Trade Co., Ltd., Luheng Papers Company Ltd., Jeafer Foodservice Solutions Ltd., Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., ZBR Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., etc.

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